Eve x Excel Add-in Version 1.2.0 Patch notes

Version 1.2 Changelog

New functions
-outputs a card with attributes and remap information about a character
-outputs a card containing an array for faction/npc_corp standings of the character
-Displays the characters skill queue

-input to formula: structure_id, type_id, [sell_buy_only_boolean], [character_id_or_entity]
-returns orders in a structure you have access too for the given type_id, with optional parameter for filtering only sell or buy, and which character to use for the information fetch, if no character is specified it uses the first logged in character.
-the structure needs to have it’s market module online in addition to the ACL requirements.

Parameter changes
-Changed the search string filter on character/corp assets to also accept type_id numbers as the input for a more strict filtering based on the type_id, if a string is entered it does a substring filter based on the type name of the item.
-Added a strict parameter to CHARACTER_SKILLS when using the built-in search_string parameter. Default FALSE
-Added a strict parameter to corporation/character_BLUEPRINTS when using the built-in search_string parameter. Default FALSE
-Added a strict parameter to SEARCHSOLARSYSTEM when using the built-in searchstring parameter. Default FALSE.
-Added a strict parameter to SEARCHREGION when using the built-in searchstring parameter. Default FALSE
-Added a title_filter (string, substring match), status_filter (string, exact match), include_deleted(default FALSE) to character/corporation_contracts.
-Added an optional page parameter to CHARACTER/CORPORATION_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS for web compatiblity improvements.

Misc changes.
Added market_history to the preview panel in the add-in
Added the new functions to the preview panel with try it out examples where possible.
Added an override for .BLUEPRINT(16672) to display the Tungsten Carbide blueprint instead of the test blueprint.
Contracts for character and corporation now display up to 500 contracts without item information.
Contracts now display the title of the contract in the initial data.
Changed how the add-in resolves what corporation a character is in via the affiliate endpoint instead of the 7 day cached character endpoint data.
Minor parameter help text improvements

Note: For existing users to get the update might require a CTRL+F5 in the sidepanel to get the JS files and/or a restart clearing the cache to load the new functions in.

Utilizing the standings function will require the character to re-login to have the scope updated for that function. Otherwise it’ll return an error.

The #VALUE issue for 2021 Excel is still being investigated with Microsoft.


I would like to see a better instruction manual for this addin! The current manual is very poor!!!

Some examples would be very nice.


So where can I find this new version 1.2.0? The only version I find is from the original EVE News post and that only returns “Add-In Error”, #VALUE!, and #FIELD!.

The version of the add-in is displayed in the top-left corner.

“Add-In Error” is very very likely related to an issue with the example sheet and is being worked on being fixed so we have an example sheet that isn’t showing an error users have to bypass manually by installing the add-in and switching to the working add-in.

Probably best to load a clean excel file and open the Add-in itself by following the instructions on the help article itself. You can see some function code in the example sheet for hints how the functions work.

Help Article for Installing the Add-in

Note that you need the Microsoft 365 Excel to get it working on Windows. (or by using web excel)
The #VALUE errors might be related to a non-M365 version which is being looked at by Microsoft.

Alternative link directly to the add-in on the Microsoft Store but unsure if it works for installing without going through Edge and/or logging into your Microsoft account there.

AppSource Link

Do you think they will every fix the #VALUE error with the non-m365 version of excel, or will they force us to subscribe.

What function are you trying?
I get those errors when I give the wrong input,
=EVEONLINE.MARKET_HISTORY(10000002; 587).location gives the #FIELD! error as the History doesn’t have a location.
and =EVEONLINE.BLUEPRINT(EVEONLINE.TYPE(645)) gives the #VALUE! as the blueprint wants the TypeID or blueprint

No can’t see them fixing the problem.

Its not all CCP, its microsoft as well.