Any details on the new excel integration?

Was this happening on a specific ID or on every ID?

The GROUP logic is just fetching a static file and then mapping against a static file for all the items in the game, for a .types array.

It’s possible that some GROUP has too many items in the .types field for display in web due to the payload limit in web excel. If that’s the case we can create a parameter to not output the types for web excel compatibility.

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I saw that a 1.2 version was posted. Any resource to point us toward the additions/changes in the new version?

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Since version 1.2 went up I am unable to get any price to update. I just get #FIELD! instead.

i was using:

=MIN(EVEONLINE.MARKET_ORDERS_STREAMING(10000002, 22428, FALSE,60003760).price)

Do you know if this is temporary or will I have to modify my formula?


Try again, there was a downtime at the time of your posting. I got problems with Exceladin+ too. Now it seems to work :slight_smile:

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MARKET_ORDERS* in Exceladin+ v.1.2 has still a problem to show Sell orders if the offer is a sole offer for a given type in a given station. Sole Buy orders show just fine.
Examples below:


The above formula shows sole Buy order in a whole Derelik region for Warclone Blanks


The above formula should show a sole Sell order for Warclone Blanks in a whole Tash-Murkon region but it shows #CALC! error message instead with an Empty arrays are not supported explanation as the cause of error.

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Yup, was a downtime thing. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Here are the patch notes in the new excel addin section.

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I’ll check this out, but it seems like that I missed that #CALC scenario as the ESI calls is now returning me 0 orders, buy/sell.

But should be easily reproduced for testing. First look at the logic I see a logic error that can output this in the 5 min refresh that can be hit with this scenario, but should be more obvious once I reproduce it in debug. The refresh logic looks like it remains intact even with the #N/A error so hopefully it doesn’t drop on the #calc return.


I’ve most likely found what caused the #CALC. If the refresh request failed (fx. due to ESI being down due to downtime) the function will stop updating and return an empty list to the invocation.
Making a fix for it to be deployed with the next update. Should hopefully cover this CALC scenario and improve refresh functionality.

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If I ever feel the need to use a spreadsheet to play a game I’ll sell my rig and stop playing…

What will you run the spreadsheet on if you go medieval? :wink:

(on selling old pc...)

Who buys used pcs? I never tried to sell my old pc when buying new :confused: Only two of them ended up at reprocesing shop (I wonder what was their efficiency :thinking: ) …the remaining four collects dust (514 :stuck_out_tongue: ) lying on the shelves :confused:

Excel ? There’s plans and ideas floating around at MS to rebrand it Tweetcel or Tweetsheet. Tit for tat, Musk !


the new excel tool is indeed very powerful but also very poorly documented

nevertheless I managed to recreate the most popular sellmin and buymax functions for market orders
even constrain them to a single station, ie trade hub
but especially the sellmin one is a half a mile long and begs for mistakes
so I was looking to rewrite them in a custom VBA module, for ease of call and perhaps I need to pass all this over to our corp boss to manage our wallet, buyback etc since CCP is apparently cracking down on the likes of evepraisal

problem is I cannot find the .dll name for the add-in, which would be required for referencing it in the VBA editor

any tips?

I think this is pure JavaScript based and there is no dll

there is a button on the side of EVE Add-in panel to enter into web debuger:

You might try to use ESI which Exceladin+ uses too

I was working with GESI already, but this excel tool allows to crunch entire arrays of data by simply adding a =MIN( to the beginning :confused:

I really just need to rename


into a more clever =BUYMAX(region_id; type_id; location_id)



into the same format

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If running on windows PC you need a Office 365 subscription, eve is expensive enough without adding another £6 a month. Any chance you could get it working on standalone versions of Excel (if CCP every read these posts). The add-on loads up in Excel 2021 but just get #Value!.

What a shame , looked like a good add-on, shame I won’t be able to use it.


It’s mind boggling that CCP chose to lock this into something that requires payment/subscription.
How about an Alpha state version?! AKA open source software.
Not everyone has money to blow on the imaginary. Paying for Excel just to do this 1 thing is not logical.


I’ve just bought a Office 2021 Pro plus Retail for 20 bugs, since i also wanted a “clean” legal version to replace volume license. It has version “2021 MSO (Version 2307 Build 16.0.16626.20086) 64 Bit”, so looks like the latest available version.
I also got the “#VALUE!” error. In the debugger i see it downloads data from the API, so that part works …
So whats now? Pls help.


I have Ofiice 365. Must admit that this addon sometimes works. But most of the time it shows “#BUSY!”, “#NAME?”, “#VALUE!” etc…

Edit: I think the problem is with that sample file. It seems to try to load tons of data and gets stuck. I created a clean excel file and did all my formulas from scratch taking peeks into stagnant sample file for formulas hints. This new file works fine, at least for several hours non-stop. Just remember that if you don’t type your formulas, but copy those from the sample file instead, make sure to remove links (if any) to the sample file’s sheets.


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