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With the deprecation of CREST, I have been thoroughly enjoying exploring the new Eve Swagger Interface. I think it’s very clean and looks great.

I am using the ‘GET /markets/{region_id}/orders/’ and several other market data calls. Currentlly assuming that Type_IDs are item IDs essentially. If this is correct, is there is a list of Type_IDs and their respective string values?

If I am wrong about type_id, what is it and what is the appropriate value for individual items?

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Hi there, I am going to move this thread to the #technology-research:third-party-developers section as that is where most of the Development minded people hang out. However yes, the type_id should be the ID of a given item.

Regarding a list of type_ids I love this page: If you’re looking for a specific item/character/corporation/system ID you can also make a GET request to /search/!/Search/get_search .

Hope you enjoy ESI.

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This endpoint will list out all typeIDs. It is paginated so can use ?page=2 etc.

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If you want more detail than just the list of typeIDs from the ESI as linked by @Blacksmoke16, then if you download the static data from:

In the fsd folder there is a typeIDs.yaml:

That will give you not only the typeID, but also the description of the item, localisation, graphic file details, etc. For example, if I was to search the yaml for a Drake:

That yaml file is rather large and often is too much information. If what you want instead is a simple list of typeIDs and Name, there are many JSON, XML, .txt versions around.

It’s also easy to run a script on the yaml to construct a more compact version with less information.

A lot of more compact versions can be found in github repositories (eg. eve-central).

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Perfect answers. That solves it - I didn’t want to have to parse the yaml file. Also thx to ISD Stall for moving this.

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