List of type_ids that are tradeable?


I’m trying to query market data through the api but I’m doing it with a list of about 40,000 type IDs. IS there a list somewhere of only “commodity” ids?

Fuzzworks keeps a latest downloaded SDE - you’ll have to sort through it a bit to find what you’re looking for;

If you’re using /markets/{region_id}/orders/ simply omit the typeID to get all orders, very easy.

If you’re using /markets/{region_id}/history/ things gets a lot harder.
You can do /markets/groups/ => /markets/groups/{market_group_id}/ to get all items currently able to be put on the market
And you can do: /markets/{region_id}/types/ to get items currently on the market in a specific region.

However, the is not the full picture, as items sometimes get removed from the market and a specific item may have had orders in a region where there no longer is any orders etc.

Note that the endpoints above are can have multiple pages, see: ESI, Concurrent Programming, and Pagination - EVE: Developers

Thanks a lot !

Thanks, did not know you could just omit the typeID…