ESI (easy ?) newbie questions

Evening, fellow capsuleers !

I’m trying to do something with ESI market data and my low coding skills. I encounter some meadly ennoying troubles, and was wondering if some of you happen to have answers !

  • market orders are only retrievable by regions ? So, if I do want, say, for the good of explaination, only the sell orders in Jita IV-4, I still have to get all The Forge orders ?

  • there is nowhere where one can find the industrial components of a type ? I browse both Universe and Industry endpoints and see nothing of the like…

Thank you for reading. Feel free to dismiss my questions if they have already been answered, but I will be most grateful if in such case you would be good enough to point me in the right direction !

Fly safe !

  1. Yes. You would have to get the whole region and filter it down. OR use an existing API,

  2. That type of data is available in the SDE export. OR fuzz has conversions if you use MySQL etc.

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Thanks a lot !
I knew about SDE and just forget it… Shame, shame, shame !

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