What information can I pull

Not that I know yet how to obtain details from the back end, but is there are locaiton/place/website that can tell me in laymans terms what kind of info i can fetch from eve database. I have spreadsheets for example that can pull prices. but i wanted to see what other info could be pulled to see if i can make use of it

See Swagger reference here EVE Swagger Interface

Issues go here Issues · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

Swagger spec here https://esi.evetech.net/latest/swagger.json (we typically generate language bindings).

Also ESI uses OAuth2 (unfortunately) for authorization, not API keys.

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All looks very complicated, but looking at the list of things I can pull in swagger, i don’t think what I want to do is there which is determining how much of a given item is sold other a defined period (day, week etc). and also listing items between a set price range.

Ie all items sold a minmum of 2 units between 10 and 40million ISK sold in Jita over yesterday

/markets/{region_id}/orders/ Let you get all orders in EVE, by region (with some limitations to orders in structures). The only filter is typeID. Do note that using typeID is slower when you’re getting ~10 or more items.

/markets/{region_id}/history/ have history stats.

If you’re using Google sheets, you can use GESI, to make everything a lot easier:

There is also some documentation for ESI:

There may also be a program that already does what you want:

Thank you for the links ill check them out

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