Buy parameter for eve-marketdata eve api?


inside google docs i use the following line to get sell prices from the region “the forge” from eve-marketdata.

=ImportXML(“"&643&"&region_ids=10000002&buysell=s”, “/emd/result/rowset/row/@price”)

You see inside this line the parameter “buysell=s”
s= sell orders

The result from the line above is the price for the armageddon.

I search the parameter for buy. It is not “b” .

Does anyone knows the correct parm?


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I dont have any experience with the API of I usually use the API (since eve-central have been down), which in my experience is much simpler and easier to use, for example your request would then be similar to:



  • TypeID= (2868 = Integrity Response Drones) - separated by an “&”
  • Usesystem=
    • 30000142 (Jita Trade Hub)
    • 30002187 (Amarr Trade Hub)
  • "//buy/max" will list the max price you would get by selling to a buy-order, “//sell/min” would list the lowest price of sell-orders from which you can buy.

unfortunately there is not a functionality to get data for entire regions, CCP’s ESI Swagger would be better suited for this purpose as it will get you the most recent data. Using ESI Swagger is a total different story and more complicated (at least that is how it seems).

I’m assuming that you are only interested in pulling data for the Jita Trade Hub. All you have to do is use the function that I posted above and change out the TypeID(s) and use the correct parameter for Buy and Sell.

Cheers :smile:

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Hello Sakimura,

thanks for your answer.

At this moment i corrected my string and now both APIs works for me.
The Region : the Forge:
=ImportXML(“”, “/emd/result/rowset/row/@price”)

Only Jita:

Do you have a manual, which describes the API from evemarketer?
I found this two sites:


no manual I’m afraid, I just used use eve-central and it just happens that the two API’s work almost identically (I haven’t seen any difference, yet). So if you can’t find the answer in evemarketer API documentation, then you could try eve-central’s documentation.

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