Regional price/margin tools?

I’ve never been able to get Evernus to work (import falls over). Are there any other tools for multi-regional price comparisons?


Have you tried using/making a spreadsheet to check prices in different regions? I’m not saying that spreadsheets are better in anyway but they can do many things, like importing market data for regions and compare them.

This was my first port of call and spent quite a while working on it, but being the hamfisted Luddite that I am, couldn’t figure out how to pull the prices; either from the ESI or even Fuzzworks :woozy_face: Figuring that out would probably be the best of both worlds.

I don’t know how the Fuzzworks API works but I can tell you what you need to pull from

This is incredibly helpful, thank you.

I suppose I want to get to a point where I can download… (almost) everything, to identify the best possible routes. The stumbling point I’ve reached before is how to get this query to import at a much larger scale.


try as well

Actually, in google docs, i can’t get this to work :confused: @ISD_Sakimura

Did you copy his? and then added the adjustments?

I have used the url from the example, pasting it to the importXML function, and using //buy/max as path. But i have a cryptic formula error :confused:

Do you have important data on your spreadsheet? if not could you make public and send me a link by PM?

Lol … it’s empty, i was literally trying it :slight_smile:

I’ll send the link.

Ok, how can i send private messages ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Click on my name > Send message.

Normally we ISD do not answer PMs. It’s just if you do not want the link to be publicly visible here.

Sure, but i can’t see the “Send message” option after clicking on your name :frowning_face:


In the share options, could you set so Anyone with Link can edit?

I think I know what the error is, you have “https” when it should only read “http” in the addresss.

Tried with http as well, also giving you edit permissions. Please try again.

Looking at the api result, we have 3 nodes:

        - max

it looks to me that the xpath is wrong …

it works fine on my own spreadsheets, so I’m not so sure it’s a problem with the xpath.


…and in mine ?

Got it. The transpose of the array. Damn :smiley:

No, even worse: functions are CASE SENSITIVE !!! :flushed:

yup, transpose() flips the array. some programs are case sensitive, like Google Sheets apparently. :laughing:

ArrayFormula() is also very usefull, like calculating the grand total of product between two arrays. it would go like this:


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