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Not sure where I was supposed to post this btw, sry if it’s the wrong forum.

I’m building a basic google spreadsheet to pull some prices from evemarketer for industry and I can’t get it to work. I’m a complete noob at both spreadsheets and coding in general.

So basically, I want to pull Jita buy and sell 5% from evemarketer, with a concatenate function to read the typeiD. I can get it to work as long as I don’t specify any system:

=importxml(CONCATENATE(“”, V7,), “//sell/percentile”)

But then I don’t know where I’m supposed to put the system ID. I’ve tried multiple things, and so far the only one that doesn’t give me an error is:

=importxml(CONCATENATE(“”, V7, “&usesystem30000142”), “//sell/percentile”)

But, it doesn’t pull Jita data at all, instead it pulls all regions, just like the first one.

So yeah, if someone could please explain to me how I’m supposed to structure this and why, it would be much appreciated.

You are basically asking your competition to help you…

All the info is out there already…

Plenty of people help their “competition”. Literally every industry tools and public spreadsheet are made by people who also play this game.

I’m just kindly asking for someone to help me understand how importXML works, can you please take your cynicism elsewhere? lol.

Whatever, I figured out an even better way of doing it.

Great! Good for you…can you share it here so everyone can benefit?


I used the name range and data validation functions to create drop down cells, linked to another cell, on a second sheet, with an =IF command:

=IF(buy_dropdown=“jita buy %”, jita, IF(buy_dropdown=“amarr buy %”, amarr, IF(buy_dropdown=“rens buy %”, rens, IF(buy_dropdown=“dodixie buy %”, dodixie))))

The =IF command pulls the address that corresponds with the system name in the drop down, into the cell with the =IF command, which in this case has the name range: “buy_swap”. This allows me to swap which system I’m pulling prices from on the fly!

So for example, if the drop down cell uses the name range: “buy_dropdown” and the drop down option: “jita buy %”, then the “buy_swap” cell will pull the address for jita (which is located inside a cell, on the second sheet, with the name range: “jita”):

I then use the following command in the cell I want to pull a price data to:

=IMPORTXML(CONCATENATE(buy_swap,typeid&JOIN(typeid,O7)), “//buy/percentile”)

So basically, it pulls the address from the “buy_swap” cell, then the: “typeid&JOIN(typeid,O7)” command pulls the typeID from the corresponding cell: (O7). Finally, “//buy/percentile” is added at the end, in order to get the 5% buy prices from eve marketer.

I hope it makes sense… As I said, I’m a noob at this, still trying to figure ■■■■ out by reverse-engineering what other people are doing lol.

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