EveMarketeer down?

Got a google sheet linked up to eve marketeer but all values being pulled are zero.

Is there an alternative?


Works great and is my new market tool.


I know ccp has a plugin for excel and there is a google sheets thing, but don’t ask me where :grinning:

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ah wicked - just trying to work out the urls…

could you link an example please?


all values are zero??

Search Google for the G Sheets plugin GESI or search here on the forums for excel ESI

GitHub - Blacksmoke16/GESI: Google Sheets™ ESI Add-on is the GitHub page for GESI

OK, got GESI

Using evetycoon i have the following

https://evetycoon.com/api/v1/market/stats/10000002/16634 (as the code for Jita doesn’t seem to display any values and this ID is for the forge.

in F2 I have minSell


Any help on this would be awesome.

All i’m trying to do is pull the sell price of an item into a google sheet.

Would love for someone to help me here please.

How do I pull the minSell value into my excel please?
What is the JITA id?


That’s what I am trying to do.

I just want to pull the minsell and minbuy for certain items but no idea what URL to use.

What is the URL to pull the minsell for fullerides from jita?

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