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I successfully made this tutorial and have a few questions.

1 How I can get only two values from the class =characters_character_blueprints ()
I only want the ME and TE

1.1 How I can only get one Item listed?

1.2 If I use esi.evetech universe/types with the id of “pyerite id=35” I get a “Curl” and a “Request URL” but I don’t know how to convert it to google spreadsheet.

=IMPORTXML("", "//application/xml")
my second argument have an error.

1.3 I found =markets_prices() but I need the exact sell order for one item in Jita or Amarr, GESI only have adjusted and average price?

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EVE API doesn’t return XML files, its JSON and it cannot be inserted to google docs with =IMPORTXML()

You can use API I made for my project:
=ImportXML(“”; “//buy”)

It will return amount of ISK you need to buy 35000 of Pyerite (ID 35) in Jita from sell orders currently present.

Same thing with reverse version:
=ImportXML(“”; “//sell”)

It will return amount of ISK you will get if you decide to sell 35000 of Pyerite to buy orders in Jita.

I can make same thing for Amarr trade hub too.

You can replace “” with string that use other cells, like this: “” & A1 & “&q=” & A2
It will take item type ID from A1 and quantity from A2.

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