GESI and Google Sheets


I successfully made this tutorial and have a few questions.

1 How I can get only two values from the class =characters_character_blueprints ()
I only want the ME and TE

1.1 How I can only get one Item listed?

1.2 If I use esi.evetech universe/types with the id of “pyerite id=35” I get a “Curl” and a “Request URL” but I don’t know how to convert it to google spreadsheet.

=IMPORTXML("", "//application/xml")
my second argument have an error.

1.3 I found =markets_prices() but I need the exact sell order for one item in Jita or Amarr, GESI only have adjusted and average price?

EVE API doesn’t return XML files, its JSON and it cannot be inserted to google docs with =IMPORTXML()

You can use API I made for my project:
=ImportXML(“”; “//buy”)

It will return amount of ISK you need to buy 35000 of Pyerite (ID 35) in Jita from sell orders currently present.

Same thing with reverse version:
=ImportXML(“”; “//sell”)

It will return amount of ISK you will get if you decide to sell 35000 of Pyerite to buy orders in Jita.

I can make same thing for Amarr trade hub too.

You can replace “” with string that use other cells, like this: “” & A1 & “&q=” & A2
It will take item type ID from A1 and quantity from A2.

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