Market Prices API Import

Dear capsuleers,

To get an overview of my trade, I built a nice table. However, I am still missing the always current sales prices for pre-defined solar systems. I would enter this manually, but with 300 positions this is only feasible with a lot of effort. That’s why I researched whether this also works somehow automatically, e.g. via API import from evemarketer or something else. I found a few informative sites and I tried a lot, but with no succsess at all. That’s why I want to ask you if someone knows something about it and can help me with it.
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Regards RoyalAce

i moved it

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I figured out how the api import via evemarketer works. But in google spreadsheet the the query takes forever. In excel i can establish a connection but i don’t understand what comes out of it. Can someone help me there? Check it out. It typed in “” and only this comes out:

💰 [FREE SERVICE] Free Trade Spreadsheet 💰 make a copy of this and see if it helps you understand how to make a request to the api. That whole sheet uses the evemarketer APi

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