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hi All, bear in mind i know zero about APIs ESIs and all that magic that goes on to pull data to spreadsheets.

I have a spreadsheet that under a hidden tab has this eve marketer api

Whern i go to that website under about > marketstat API i get the below which i guess is why the prices on my spreadsheets do not update.

Is there anything I can do do make my spreadsheets work, maybe change that API link although I suspect it is not as easy as pasting another URL in there. Any help appreciated

Eve marketer seems to be down. Im not sure if there is another 3rd party like it.

this is bleak. so anyone that replies on that API for price updates (and I guess other info) cannot get it. Surely CCP should provide this method rather than a 3rd party site that can go down anytime

I see there is an EVE Tycoon. they have what like like different info here EVE Tycoon but i dont know how to take that info and incorporate it in the spreadsheet i have

You can get all the data from ESI, you just need to process it yourself.
Other 3rd party options are:
Fuzzwork: Fuzzwork Market Data
Janice: Swagger UI (require an API key, you get by asking for it on their discord)

How do incorporate one of them into the spreadsheet I have in order to pull down prices again?

I guess i can’t then :wink:

I’m not sure how things work in your spreadsheet (or spreadsheets in general), but you can probably figure out the alternative links from Fuzzwork/Janice/EVETycoon?

For example, to use Fuzzwork’s API I’m guessing:

The output will likely be different — you’ll probably need to do some small changes.

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