Retrieving Market Data Multiple Types from ESI API


im trying to collect Market Data. So im calling this ESI Service:

Which works fine but if i want to check the prices for e.g. 10 items in the 5 Major Trade Hubs i have to do 50 Webservice calls to retrieve Data.

Is there a more elegant way to do it?
Maybe retrieving Data for all Hubs (Regions) at once ore at least for multiple types at once?
So i can reduce the WebService Calls to reduce the workload for the CCP Servers.

Also remember there may be more than 1 page of data.

If you don’t care about the resultings being as close to real time as you can, it could be a better idea to use a pre aggregated market API. E.g. Fuzzwork Market Data. This way you can do multiple types at once for each hub. You’ll also get the data you need back directly versus needing to calculate it yourself.

Thanks for the Reply,

I dont need it to be exactly Realtime for what im working currently. If they are a few hours old thats absolute Ok.
I just dont want to be dependant on other third Partys, for that reason i didnt check those Apis and collecting the Data myself.

Does an Service like Fuzzwork call the ESI Api for every Item and every Region at least once or twice a day?
If thats the way to go, its not a big Deal for me i just thought im doing something wrong if i need so many calls.
As long as CCP has no Problems recieving so many Webservice calls i can work with it.
Just thought that its a good idea to avoid Spamming the API if i dont have to.

Fuzzwork should be fine as it’s ran by @Steve_Ronuken, who is a CSM member.

As long as you respect the cache/error headers and stuff it’s fine. But using a pre aggregated API is definitely easier IMO.

Was a CSM member. After six years in that barrel, I didn’t stand this year :smiley:

I’m hitting, starting at 6 and 36 past the hour, the region endpoint for every region. In addition, I’m hitting the market endpoint for every structure which I know about. That’s approximately 1623 pages of data (it varies up and down) . takes me about 70 seconds or so. The processing after the fact takes around 12 minutes or so. The code I’m using is on my github

Importantly, this is current, not historical data. The endpoint you mention in the first post is for multiple days worth of history.

Another option to look at is eve marketer api Swagger UI they also update in near real time

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