An Idea For Station Adverts

Why not make the in-station adverts clickable…which could then provide further videos, more information, and so on. Sometimes I see adverts and wonder what they are all about, but a brief advert is all there is.


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I want to upvote this suggestion.

It would be nice to slow the cyclic rate of the corp/.alliance ads, too.


Really like the idea! These ads can really use some attention.

To expand the adverts thing a little bit: maybe even sell highlighted ad space in local (for extra isk). Not often, maybe every 15-30 minutes. Not too much text and a link with it. CCP moderated, no scams allowed, no smacktalk, no â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . Just high quality, immersive ads that add to the atmosphere of being at a busy space station.

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There certainly needs to be more ad space … both outside the station, and inside the dock. And the ads should be able to used for more than just recruitment… services rendered, upcoming events, maybe a section of the ad space could be specifically for militia engagements and a news / market ticker.


CCP moderated

that part is the crux, since that requires an employee or two and that means costs.

Brainstorm idea: What if a contract automatically came with a ‘clickable’ ad?

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Contract ads sound like it would just be annoying. Instead I would go the other way, interactable ad space that could link to a contract.

Having ad space all over the station serves not only for people to be able to market various things, but to create a visceral environment. Based on the in game lore, you know, at the very least, jita would be covered in ads.

I would expect the other stations and definitely the trade hubs to as well, but not nearly to the degree that jita does.

As for the CCP employee oversight… just charge a plex cost for verification, and then an isk cost for various locations those ads could show up. Those ad space costs could be based on an auction format, to allow the market to determine pricing.

ISD maybe, if there are volunteers to go through ads?

cough cough :smiley: Might nicely combine with this.

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