How close are we to actual ads in stations and space?

Listening to the new station ambience the voices have become more discernible but its kinda satirical what is being said as far as i can tell. But i wonder how close we are to having actual advertisements and PSAs when docked? It will probably never happen but the thought did cross my mind :slight_smile: Can you imagine being docked and all of a sudden your hear an ad for for example Adidas

That would be hard considering I cut all sounds when I dock and if they display the ads it wouldn’t matter since my screen is filled with windows.
Why have sound in stations at all anyway?

Why have graphics? Or an art department who spent alot of time creating the user experience? To be fair I do listen to music when doing things like incursions/missions but I still have my station sounds just high enough to notice the PSAs.

To each their own as I always say.

Adidas doesn’t exist in New Eden. There are already ads for New Eden-based corporations and services in stations. If CCP added RL ads into their game that we already pay $20 a month for I think there would be a riot.


Don’t give them ideas.


No worry. Those ads would be visible on alpha accounts only :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean you havent seen the Null Bloc adverts?

I wish it was possble to ignore people on here. Ais contribution always seems to be something negative

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Takes too much neurons to write something positive. Criticism is a dime a dozen.

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Make a non terrible post and it will happen.

Your idea is simply never going to happen…for two reasons…

  1. The entire basis of Eve is the closure of the Eve Gate and thus the impossibility of travel or contact with Earth. It would thus be anachronous to be receiving Earth adverts.

  2. Eve is set 21,000 years in the future and the entire ambience of stations is based around that. It would once again be anachronous to be receiving adverts from 2023…in the year 23000.

Lore purists would have a riot…and I think rightly so.

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  1. Nobody cares about “lore purist”. Riot away.
  2. Money.

It could be explained as old radio transmissions from Earth finally reaching New Eden cluster or some rogue drones attempts to communicate using some old transmissions :stuck_out_tongue:

And to filter them out …you must go omega :wink:

Like you’d go out and buy a Roman toga if you came across a toga advert parchment from 40 BC ?


Bro. Stations should have first class and economy class docking bays. Economy class should suck like in the titanic

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Romans had no radiotransmissions :wink:
And people dress up in togas from time to time :slight_smile:

Beside it is a player who would be targeted with ads and not the character. Aren’t they separate from each other :thinking:

Nooo. I don’t pay £12.50 a month per account to log in and see adverts for a certain well known fizzy drink or brand of trainers. All my accounts would immediately be closed if that ever happened…and quite a few would follow suit. CCP know this would happen…which is another reason they would never do it.


well, they already did something in that teritory with that “1k poodles” …or something

and I’ve already written that only alpha accounts would probably got affected if anything…

I’m surprised there’s no ads in EVE, a window that can’t be closed during the ad. Ads ranging from Gillette to Bud Light :smiley:

You just never know what CCP might do. 5-10 more years this might be a thing. :man_shrugging: Or even 20 years from now.

I like this question. I get the feeling OP really believed in this question. Wonder what insane post he will make next.

Spit out a bunch of trash thoughts… Eventually one of them will be a decent thought. Right?

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