In game marketing adverts

So this is a idea/question . Why doesn’t CCP bring more revenue by allowing real life ad’s in game? We have billboards everywhere and numerous stations in high sec which could have logos and ad’s plastered all over the shop . why not ?

I have a feeling the playerbase will riot if Coca Cola adverts start appearing on the Jita undock.


why ? I would be fine with that , the undock only has patches of grey at the moment, in jita at least , we would be the ones reaping the benefits as ccp will have more funds to work with

EVE is a game with a playerbase that is quite protective of EVEs integrity and its coveted position as the thinking mans game. Perhaps quite rightly so.

Even WoW doesn’t advertise for Coca Cola and McDonalds. I can’t see many players wanting EVE to become the first MMO to do so.

It’s that thing about selling out, going mainstream, shoving advertising into peoples faces.

You know a lot of people don’t like having the Agency shoved into their faces, and that’s actually a part of the game.

Besides, I think it would be a bit too jarring and immersion breaking to have modern day products being advertised when we are supposed to be immortal Capsuleers in the far future.


would you be really that bothered if there was a amazon logo on a jita station ? you personally

Well for a start it’s a game so ‘really that bothered’ doesn’t come into it.

It’s interesting you picked Amazon though. In Rookie Help chat people often ask how they get items / ships they have purchased from other stations? Is there delivery? I usually tell them:

‘no, you have to go and get the items / ships yourself, because apparently when we left Earth and travelled through the wormhole into New Eden, delivery companies like Amazon were outlawed’

As I said before:

This is the main problem I personally have with the idea.

But also I have been playing MMO’s for 20 years and I have yet to see a single real world product advert placed into any of them. EVE in particular is quite possbly the worst game you could pick to try and start the ball rolling for the reasons I mentioned above.

An advert outside a station here and there would soon become Coca Cola branded ships, Starbucks hats and McDonalds Citadels.

Sindara T’Sonis Burger King Rocket Launcher hits you for 2316 damage. :rofl:

No thank you.

whimpy rail gun wrecking shot does sound awesome to me :-]

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AO had ads from Intel.

Never played that one :blush:

Another thing that moves CCP further away from developing EVE properly to generate revenue from paying players instead of whales and greedy entities. Good idea.

Because the existing experience is already more than annoying when, for instance, a bright ad keeps flashing up on screen and dims your monitor repeatedly because CCP is not good enough to program proper mechanics to make bright text on bright background readable. Furthermore, which ads would you show? Ads of companies that disregard and break laws (automobile industry)? Ads of companies that exploit local population and lie to customers about ingredients, ingredient sources and quality, and so on (snack and chocolate industry)? Ads from banks and insurers that have nothing better to do than to rip money out of their customers wallets and then deny service (banks and insurances)? Or even more nefarious ads that slipped through CCP’s automated ad evaluation processes (as it happens repeatedly on youtube)?

erm , lets start with amazon and Netflix , if you have anything against these company’s , god save your soul

Amazon have became pretty notorious recently for extremely poor treatment of it’s workers. You missed the whole clicks per minute, timed toilet breaks, collapsing on the job, wristbands that track movement scandal huh?

Google ‘Amazon workers’

so I suppose you don’t use these company’s out of principle yourself then? , ( I call bull***t)

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Oh no, I don’t give a rats arse as long as my parcels arrive on time. :yum:

But painting them as snowy white is more than just a little naive.

I was only using “fairly” ok company’s as an example

Amazon? Tax evasion in Europe.

And Netflix? I don’t have anything in particular against this company. However, I don’t want to see repeated ads for their shows in EVE either. If CCP provides a proper ad management tool to block all these ads, I don’t care. But CCP has not done that with the current iteration and we are stuck with useless, outdated, old clips blasting into my eyes and make my client flicker like a disco ball.

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