Watch a 60 Second Ad, Get Something Random

I think it would be rather cool to get free things, such as ore, ammo, etc. by watching an ad for something that CCP is promoting, such as music, drinks, clothes, etc. You watch the add the wheel spins landing on a random item.

CCP would be compensated from advertising the products that might interest Capsuleers.

Project Discovery. Why do some advertiser for stuff when you can help real science?



Newbies might more interested to see what teaks the micros of the Dev’s to be honest.

After seeing some of the reactions to the micro login pressies of the past week? Yeah I think that it would be more bad press than good. Chorus of sell out and what is this garbage combined


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That would make it more like a Facebook game than it is already becoming…funk that noise. With the daily rewards that don’t last, temporary quests…it’s starting feel really cheap. Might as well be a microtransaction browser game…Nope. Next we will have some horrible flashing icon in the corner telling us to buy something, and time compliant click boxes for micro rewards… It’s almost like some South Korean game company bought it or something.


How about no. This kind of crap has no place in Eve.

ikr :thinking:


  • Insanely low value. I wouldn’t watch a 3 second ad for Veldspar or an Omen BPC or a volatile SKIN (I can assure you they would ONLY be volatile).
  • Potentially bottable - bots could ‘watch ads’ to harvest goods safely. If they’re permanently parked a Jita then that saves time and eliminates risk from botting
  • Time spent watching ads is time that could be spent playing the game
  • Ads should not target existing players, they should target new players. Times + money goes into marketing, and if we want new faces in EVE the efforts need to go to the right places

the list goes on and on and on

Oh, I forgot to mention: nobody likes watching ads

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I’d be on board if it where all player created in-universe adverts. The dev time budget wouldn’t be worth it.

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