In-station narration is slowly turning into brainwashing

The reason why many games have only ambient sounds in their menus, places where players are idling or spending a lot of time is simple - after a while, these few sentences are slowly starting to be engraved into the skull of whoever is listening.

So, can we, please, have an option to turn it off and just leave the ambient sounds?

I mean, “the interference with my taste buds” was ok for the first 100 times… or even a 1000… but now, it’s getting really annoying.

I know that it was added to help with the ambient and immersion… and it helped, in the first week while the feature was new. But now, it just feels like brainwashing… The same couple of sentences repeated over and over and over again. I am 100% certain that some questionable RL intelligence agencies are using this technique as a method of torture.


Obligatory “EVE has sound?”


It sounds better if you run it on 10 clients simultaneously.


Then just turn it off? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

There’s a button that fixes this.

I absolutely love the audio in game now and 1000% agree that the brainwashing lore intensive and artistic sounds are some of the greatest additions to the game.
THANK YOU CCP for making the audio in game better than its ever been. Keep it up and keep in lore immersive.

Problem solved.


They will slowly brainwash you into buying multiple EVE themed NFTs a week. :eyes: :smirk: :rocket:


You UNDERSTAND the station announcements? I do not…it’s just background sound for me…never understood one word. It sounds like the adults in charlie brown :slight_smile:


Just for you…


Yes, and that’s a problem for me. I would rather not understand anything so I can tune it out.
There is a woman’s voice for Quafe ( I think ) talking about “…victim [something] let the sin flow [something]” and her accent bugs me to no end.
And there is a male voice also, I can’t remember what he says but it’s total nonsense, and about some worker who discharged [a weapon?] and “…will have to answer to me” something or another.

Yes. I started undocking when I got fed up. And there is a lot you can do in space like buying from the market, working with skill queue, repair your ship…
Also I started muting the dock sounds/voices when I dock and play my own music or simply having no sound. I try not stay docked too long.
I love being in space!

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Bring back the classic EVE Jukebox!

Anything else on your bucket list?


See… That’s what I’m talking about. It’s soothing… calming… it’s white noise for sleeping… it’s perfect :smiley:

working as intended then

Indeed it does.

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Brainwashing? You haven’t even commented on the secret subliminal backtracking messages. Record the station audio then reverse it, use a audio notch filter set to 666 hertz to hear the secret Satanic speech about sacrificing all your wealth in game. If you still can’t hear it, smoke some Super Silver Haze or Chocolope about 15 minutes before you listen for messages.

Have fun!



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I loved Firefly. Seems like every time they make a great space opera on SyFy it gets cancelled.


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Still i must say i do not understand A WORD of the station mumbling…on not a single station in no empire…like i said : the adults of charlie brown : MAMAMMAAMOPPOPPOPOP MAPOPOPA NOPAPOPPOAPOP PAOPOPPAPA…nothing else…