Irritating Chatter off

Could you add an audio setting, that turns the constant irritating chatter off on stations, please?
Only the human yapping. Every other atmospheric voice is great but this idiot talking all the time is massivelly disturbing. It’s really hard to focus.


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You can turn in game volume off.

I miss the Keepstar fabrication background sounds (and an actual fact) that I had once recorded 20 or so minutes of such background noise that I saved as

station sounds

for my iphone so I could play using earphones while I was going through a difficult time away from home. (true fact)

I don’t like Jita 4-4 background chatter one bit, if only we could replace it like how in another game we could replace the mage water elemental sound, :frowning_face:


You really should upload it as a YouTube video. I’ve recently checked an old Aura voice archive video and it was very nostalgic. I think it would be a great service to the EVE playerbase old and new players alike as veterans can listen it for old times’ sake and new players could listen to it to hear how it sounded back in the days. So I encourage you to do it if you have the opportunity.


Oh I will though not right now as someone special is coming over tonight and I must spruce myself up a little!

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No rush. Just don’t take as long as it takes CCP to restore the “temporarily” removed bounty system… which is probably forever. :wink: Or how long it will take ScamCitizen to release. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I agree 100%. Its some kind of Satire, but its not even funny. And after about 10 minutes in a station you have heard it all. And it just repetitive. They really need to be thinking harder about things like this.

I mean to the people who designed it they probably had a fun couple of days. Something to spend their time on. But think about the people who play it and have to listen to it every time they play. It doesn’t work for them.

I miss the Keepstar

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