Station Noise

are the Devs Deaf or Stupid What is the Noise in stations supposed to achieve
i worked in a steel mills for 30 years and that NOISE would not be accepted
How do i turn it OFF it is Totally Annoying WHO thought it was another GOOD idea ???


eve has sound ?


Completely agree, its bloody awful.


The Jita hangar chatter in particular is a result of this dev blog and player contributions.

As for turning the sounds off: You can set Atmosphere in the middle column of the audio settings to 0. That should silence hangar sounds and anything else related to ambient sounds. Gate noise, wormhole noise, ship sounds and so on are not impacted by this.


Not since 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:


I play the sound [ Atmosphere ] at a very low level, some times, most of the time it is a 2 or 3.

And some times I just shut it off completely, I agree the station sound is really messed up.

Keep getting the error [ Failed to send event to Wwise: worldobject_jumpgate_fade_out ]
and this one also [ Failed to send event to Wwise: custom_damp_pocos_off ]

They need to fix this code again.


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No, only noise.

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the whole buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ buzzzzzzzzzzz noise needs to be removed.


Sounds like ten cruise boats all sounding horns at the same time… in a tunnel.

I don’t mind the chatter or the other noises but that one noise persists even on undock so it’s definitely a bug looping the sound and it’s the most annoying thing I ever heard.

Had to turn World Sounds all the way down and now the station interiors are quiet… very unimmersive gameplay.
Item Nr. 3746 on the TODO list… hell, even this forum has bugs.


OOC: I mean it’s not that awful, honestly. Better than silence. Plus, you’re in the docking yard of a massive space facility. You’re going to hear a lot of weird sounds booming around. It needs more variety though so it feels more like an environment, and less like a sound scape.

It actually is, worse than awful in fact.

Give me silence then.

No, I’m flying in the dead of space and I can still hear it.

That’s an understatement.

Should have simply recorded the sounds of a real-life dockyard, mixed and amplified, problem solved.

Of course, Simplicity and CCP don’t rhyme together.


It does in fact, you just can’t hear it over the screaming.

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It’s designed to get people to undock.
This is just the first version, the next version will be more shrill.
In the final iteration it will actually take over your system volume and slowly turn it up untill you can’t take it or your speakers/headphones blow or your ears begin to bleed. Whichever comes first.

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Once again, bad design. It only makes people turn down the volume or log off.

The final iteration will get your ships blown up if you haven’t undocked or logged off after ten minutes… or the whole station will blow up if it’s player-owned.


If left unattended the whole system will reach its resonant frequency and crumble into dust

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Well that does sound awful

I like to think it left room for interpretation

A real life interstellar spaceship dockyard?

I don’t think transitioning a regular dockyard over to eve is as easy as you’d think it’d be.

Maybe adding some none-abrassive metalic grinding noises (faint, and echoed) that sound like ships coming in. Some various beeping indicators of sorts (presumably you’d have different ones for incoming & departing ships, ship doors opening & closing, etc). Voice announcements like they have been adding.

don’t they?

… suns going supernova and creating a chain reaction of countless wormholes that eventually innihilate the whole galaxy… now, still want to stay docked?!? :sweat_smile:

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True, “wierd” is very vague.

Sure… I think we have one parked in an orbit around Jupiter.

LOL! I can do that in a few hours on my PC. I don’t think you understood my post at all.

Yea… just like a real-life dockyard, right? I thought I mentioned that :thinking:

Do it then. Put up or shut up

Yes, but it has to be SpAcEyYy

I’ll do it when CCP asks and pays me… OH and, you shut up!

You’re *SpAcEyYy.

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