UI Sound Level buzzing noise in station

I often have a very annoying buzzing noise while docked. I can increase/reduce it with the UI Sound level.

Is there anything I can do to remove this? (Apart from turning the UI Sound level or master sound to 0?)

Also, what is the purpose for the UI Sound level? (I wouldn’t want to turn off useful noises like hull/shield/armour/cloak alarms.)

what kind of buzzing sound? i’ve turned off my ‘atmosphere’ in order to avoid the regular looping of a stargate hum

It’s the kind of buzzing sound you hear when zoomed in all the way to your ship while you fly in space.

Except I’m not flying, I’m docked. And I’m not zoomed all the way in. And it just keeps going.

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i’ll try to repro it. how loud is it? that damned stargate hum is really loud.

hmmmm…you did say it was controlled by the UI sound level. a buzzing, eh? thinks man, it’s been a while since i ripped off the hood of the sound effects and peered inside.

they got rid of all their competent sound programmers years ago. i think they made a total of 2 maybe 3 dev posts before being canned. (probably short term contract stuff)

i figure all that bull we’re dealing with is after CCP decided in their infinite wisdom to just rip out most of the advanced sound sliders. betcha something broke when they figured “hardly anyone uses it”

note: the two links at the bottom are different devblogs by the sound team way back when.
btw, no idea why that world level stuff is bolded. this is a copy/paste of my latest notes on audio from my newest uploaded video on audio settings

------- ‘atmosphere’------
that strange radio chatter inside and outside npc stations
----------‘ship effects’ -------
uncloaking sound
exterior UPWELL sounds???!?!?!!!1111
cargo/ship/survey scanner
command bursts and remote repping
------- ‘turret volume’ --------
enemy fire
salvage drone effects

{world level} also includes jump activation, warping effects

that stupid thunk thunk (the sort of submarine ping) sound when you enter a new system [session change]
a really soft sound when activating gate (hard to hear) that isn’t ‘jump activation’
new item ding (edit: i think ccp removed it? yay)
targeting something
the hum sound when dragging an item from a cargo hold
the click sound when dropping an item into a bay
the weapons timer ticker (as it counts down)
the Dscan affect is tied to both ui sound level AND secondary interfaces (adv.)
“Tied Abyssal Deadspace boundary warning to UI Sound Level audio slider and the Warning slider under Advanced Audio Settings” ~dec’19 patch notes
the ship health alerts affects are controlled by both ui sound level AND warning sounds (adv.)
[edit:may16th- ore hold full sound is UI sound level base…no adv. setting controls it, nor can it be muted unless you mute ‘master’]
[edit:may30th- cargo threshold is the exact same thing…also the slider is for % empty]

(from when they nerfed options in audio settings…you’ll need to interpret this yourself. parenthesis indicate it’s rooted to the ‘basic’ not ‘advanced’ audio settings)
Turret volume - Turret Volume
Impacts - Turret Volume
Stargates - Atmosphere
Wormholes - Atmosphere*
Jump Activation - Jump Activation
Crimewatch - (UI Sound Level)
Explosions - Ship Effects
Engine.MWD.AB - Ship Ambience
Station Exterior - Atmosphere
Station Interior - Atmosphere
Modules - Ship Effects
Ship Ambience - Ship Ambience
Warping Effect - Ship Effects
3rd Party warp - Jump Activation
Map and Ship Tree Vol - Secondary Interfaces
Locking - (UI Sound Level)
EVE store - (UI Sound Level)
Planets - Atmosphere
UI Click - (UI Sound Level)
Radial Menu - (UI Sound Level)
UI Interaction - Secondary Interfaces
Aura - (UI Speech Level)
Hacking - Secondary Interfaces
Shield Warning - Warning Sounds
Hull Warning - Warning Sounds
Ship Damage Warnings - Warning Sounds
Cap Warning - Warning Sounds
Atmosphere - Atmosphere
Music Dungeons - (Music Level)
Music General - (Music Level)

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Had the same issue last night. A intrusive and deep hum in certain stations that drowned out any other atmospheric content. Headache inducing for sure.

Also had a phantom warp in sound occur over some time where it sounds like I have company showing up at exploration sites as well as missions. Panic inducing for some time, until I realized no other ship was around.


that’s the POCO audio bug. bloody annoying as hell, i must say, whenever it’s shadowed me. goto your nearest customs office and sit for a minute or two. the sound of grinding teeth is on you though

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is it possible to make a video and upload to youtube in order for us to see your UI slider ‘fix’ when the issue occurs?

I’ll try to do that next time I hear it.

Same here, muting “secondary interfaces” fixes it, but why this ambient sound is coming from probe scanning interfaces is beyond me… needs fixing

What happens to me is that the sound of Amarr jump gates piles up at every jump until it becomes unbearable, the solution I have found is the default keybind shift+ctrl+alt+F12 to disable and then re-enable the sound engine

microsoft allows us to bind 4 simultaneous keys?

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