Can we stop with every thing needing to make a noise?

I dont need to hear a tick every time I hover over any item, of which there are hundreds of. In an hour session, I hovered over thousands of UI items. That little tic noise is engrained forever in my mind.

Today I’m trying to do project discovery. The stupid window makes a static humming noise. Very loudly. So I turned down the UI Sound Level, which turned down the static humming noise. Great success!

It also took away my shield, capacitor, armor, hull alarms as well as timers.


Why do you insist on making the UI experience unpleasant?


I don’t disagree, but check out the Advanced Audio settings. You can turn the UI Clicks off, but still have your ship warnings.

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Yeah, i have that but it doesnt stop project discovery from humming static at me.

The solution to that is stop torturing yourself with PD :smiley:

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Hey if you have a marshal BP to give me, i’m all for it :smiley:


For the past couple of days I’ve had no station sounds or music when docked in-game…

The funny thing is that important things like Skin activation have no sound, while similarly important things like moving PLEX to the plex vault has sound. Typical CCP inconsistency.

Eve has Sound?

Honestly I’ve had this game on mute for over 10 years. Sounds has little impact on this game.

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Honks like a horde member

I am going to pop a balloon near you all

I really love all the sounds. The tick, the whoosh, the dings & dongs, the whaiiin & whoopwhoop… All the sounds tell me what I need to know without having to look for confirmation. It’s all really neat.
Sometimes I do have to lower the db at my headset but it’s generally in station where it sounds like I’m in Patuxent Naval Shipyard, very obnoxiously loud.

The problem isn’t everything making a noise, the problem is the level of granularity of the volume sliders.

I’d like CCP to do a full review of all the sound effects in the game and talk to a range of players about which ones are annoying and which ones don’t get in the way of gameplay (and which ones actually enhance gameplay)

After that it would be possible to add more sliders as necessary.

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