Option to turn off background noise in Project Discovery

Dear CSM

I am sensitive to noise, and I find the background rumble during Project Discovery to be irritating.
It seems the only way to turn it off is to mute “UI Sound Level”, but if I do that, a lot of actually useful noises will be lost.
My suggestion is that CCP add a slider under “Advanced Audio Settings” for “Background Noise”, which would affect Project Discovery, and any other future background noise.



EVE has sound?

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OMG yes, please

Agreed, it’s like in the game “Control” the hiss! :smiley:

I too find that noise very irritating! Glad it’s not just me.
Thank you for pointing it out.

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Yeah the exact reason i didn’t bother with this version of project discovery.
I guess there is allways grey noise playing at full volume at CCP HQ - would explain many things.

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