Station voices are ANNOYING! - cant turn em off without turning it all off

< title.

When these voices were a whisper (at most) in the past, they are CONSTANT and drone in your ear in 23"!

The only solution: turn off ALL ambiance.
This isn’t a solution, this is throwing a wrench into the gearbox since you miss out on any other sound too.

Could we get a toggle for [voices on/off]?
Most clicked option in all of Eve, no doubt.

Thanks o7

ps. there is a ‘sounds on stations off’ but only for when the client is inactive.


@ZombieFX I love the voice in the AIR program station:
You’re courageous. Stay that way. Join the AIR program and…
You’re amazing. Stay that way. Join the AIR program and…
I could listen to that voice all day, lol.

But I agree with you. And the station sounds are too loud. I now mute my headset when I dock and remember that “Silence is golden”.

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Agree - station noise is excessive and repetitive.

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Please CCP…THIS ^^^

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