Stargate noises intensify

Been having an issue where I hear stargate “idle loops” instnsify after each jump, and persist even docked. Can only be fixed by switching the audio settings off and on… see video I recorded of the issue:


It’s deafningly loud. Only way to hear other sounds is to turn off the atmosphere audio but there are other cool background noises that get lost as well. Yes, eve has sound, and I enjoyed it up until the new stargate animations apparently broke it :frowning:

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Having the same issue. Need sound because I need to be able to hear wormhole entries

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I opened another thread about that problem a week ago. It is a real major problem and I cannot understand, that CCP is that ignorant and not posting any status about it. They tell us to be respectful but where is the respect of CCP??? Just think about it.

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Yep, that’s the bug we’ve been complaining about in more than a few threads (in fact the first post in 19.02 Known Issues was my own, about the persistent sounds). Still waiting for a word from ccp. With the patch of March 23rd, who knows if it will be fixed or get even worse. At least with the major sound bug of last year we got communication going. Nothing this time :angry:

For more sound fun do a run in the abyssal space. That one is particularly loud but at least still deactivates upon docking.

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I know in the quality of life update why not fix gate sounds in stations! the only way around it is to log out log back in while in station.

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As a temp fix you can put the slider for Atmospherics (Advanced Audio, in Esc window > Audio) to zero.

all you can do is post on the forums and file the bug reports.

And I have this also, I can turn off all sound through the game and turn it back on and it fixes it until next time I dock.

I have been having the same issue and it is agonizing. Disabling and re-enabling audio usually fixes it for me temporarily, but it keeps coming back. Hope this gets fixed :frowning:

It may be fixed now. I’ve docked a few times today and didn’t notice the problem until I saw this thread again.

This problem is still ongoing as of 5th April 2021. I even tried staying fully zoomed out while in space to try and not trigger the sound, but I can hear it again when I enter a Station/Structure.

Video by OP shows the bug perfectly.


I’ve been informed that the bug is fixed on most gates, and in the upcoming release more noise bugs will be squashed, but there might still be some gates in need of a tune-up.
We will overcome.

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Thank you for the update, this bug has been very annoying.

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Hi, I’m one of the early ones to report on this problem, via EBR-215500, and via several threads on this forum, most notably in Version 19.02 - Known Issues . Your reply is the first ever on this issue in 30 days, in any thread, so thank you for that.

  1. Unfortunately it took me 4 gate jumps (in hisec near Amarr) to have the exact same problem as always, described in detail in bug report above, and with the explicit detail that the sound intensifies with every jump. So, “most gates” is probably an exaggeration.
  2. It seems odd that a fix would be “per gate”, given that the problem was introduced with a single patch on all gates at once.
  3. It is NOT only gate sounds (“the Hum”) but also a white noise (for lack of better description) associated with jumps. In fact this “white noise” comes before “the Hum” in order of persistence.
  4. If one puts the slider for “Atmosphere” at zero, lo and behold: in a long session with lots of ratting it is now the “Ship Noises” that become persistent, as if the audio engine keeps piling up sound bytes to play instead of eliminating them after use.

So gates are merely the symptom.


i think they are not knowing what we are speaking off.
generally they introduce soooooooo many bugs in every so called update. its ridicoulus.

given that a question game up.

how could these bugs made it into the game ? are we your QA slaves. did you pay us for that.

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Unfortunately it took me 4 gate jumps (in hisec near Amarr) to have the exact same problem as always, described in detail in bug report above, and with the explicit detail that the sound intensifies with every jump. So, “most gates ” is probably an exaggeration

absolutely agree. at the moment that the problem has not been resolved.

Thanks for the write-up, I’ve forwarded this to the team working on the problem.

There’s an update tomorrow (tuesday april 13th) that should take care of this stacking gate sound problem.

We do have a very extensive QA team, but unfortunately errors do slip through the cracks. Thankfully vigilant players report these bugs so the can be squashed accordingly.

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this gave me a good laugh.

I agree with all of these points, but particularly with point number 4.

I tried logging out rather than closing the client to try and fix the constant Stargate sound. I think sometimes when I warp in to space from the character select screen, I hear an extended sound of what seems like a jet aircraft taking off. No problem with that, but when I logged back in, the continuous Stargate sound was replaced with the jet aircraft sound on loop. It quickly got very tiring after the third loop.

It seems more like a bug with the audio engine or something instead. Just looping certain ‘Atmosphere’ sounds rather than ending them when they’re supposed to.


Hows it looking?

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