Sound popping when entering warp

After the latest patch, each time I initiate warp, my speakers will make a loud popping noise.

I had that too, but only the first time I played Eve after the update. I quit the game for awhile and next time I played again the popping noise was gone.

Edit: Well the popping noise is back tonight…


This thread has a workaround:

It seems that if you set Atmosphere to 0 in your sound options, the warp pop disappears (at least it did for several people in the thread - including me!).

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this is very annoying and i tried different things in the audio menu.
congratulations, CCP Games! i was seduced to re-invest some money for game time. but sorry, no.
as long as you don’t fix this, you won’t get my money. It is definitely not my fault, I have all updates on my soundcard, and it is no pleasure for my gaming experience to switch off sound.

Yup this new feature is getting on my tits too. If you set atmosphere to zero it removes this new feature. I’m not sure what else it kills, have not noticed anything.

It also takes away that “rumbling” sound you hear as your ship flies into it’s berth when docking.

yes- why they don’t fix this issue?

edit: some days later after the newest update, the popping disappeared. could anybody check this, too, please?

Have you read the patch-notes?

no. for me it is important that it works now.

That’s the easiest way to find out when CCP fixes bugs.

haha yeah.
but in general - patch notes are displayed in the game client, right?

Nope. You have to go to

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