Did they do something with the audio?

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All day long I have been getting popping and cracking from this game. I already checked my drivers all are up to date. Also this is the only game and application effected. I play on Steam and I will just mute the game for the present. I noticed some lags when running through the jump gates too. This makes travel a real bummer. I know they rolled out the new Photon UI but my issues are the laggage between jumps and the sound.

If anyone experiences these two issues, I would like to know, because misery loves company.

Unplug all your cables and reconnect would be my suggestion.

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Why would it be only the one game then? I recently did some cleaning behind the PC so I will inspect the connections.

– 24 hours later –

No loose connections. Still making odds sounds.

Mandatory “Eve has sound?”

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Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I mute the “musick” to zero and have the explosions cranked the mostly because I might be distracted by something else. It alerts me to the issue. If we were allowed to replace the audio files, I would record some red alert siren in place of the lasers and explosions.

There are times my phone rings, while my 800 year-old grandmother is more important than video games, she tend to gossip and talk a lot about nothing. It’s not like there are other people around her either, she is trolling me, I know it. “What’s that I hear dear? Did your ship just explode again? bwah-HAHAHA!”.

Shooting from the hip as it was on general though I have another possible experiment for you.

Normally static is external to the game though you mention it is only Eve Online.

Experiment is try window mode then full screen mode with or without anything else running like browsers or such that gain access to sound.

Thanks for the advice. My friend stopped by yesterday and we took my PC down to the garage. He popped it open, using some black electrical tape, he secured the fans from spinning. Then he blew out dust – more than I could imagine – with his air-compressor. After that he inspected all the cards and looked for motherboard damage. After he removed the tape from the fans, he closed it back up.

It hasn’t been popping or cracking since we cleaned it. So I will presume this was the solution for now. I just find it odd the only game affected was Eve Online and not anything else. I also watch an abnormal amount of YouTube and other streaming services. My friend told me it could have been dust affecting a circuit only in use by Eve Online.

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