Multiple client audio problems

Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this but 2 updates ago around the middle of August I think I started to experience audio issues. The more clients I run the worse it gets. I get crackling in TS and eventually I will lose all sound on my computer. No eve sound, no TS, no you tube etc.

Never had this problem until that point. I could run my 7 clients, be on TS and watch videos with no issues. Once I lose sound I have to close everything down and restart them. Was wondering if anybody else was experiencing this and if so is there a fix or work around.

Mr B

I haven’t been getting the crackling in TS (to my knowledge, at least), but I have been having issues with the game audio. Everything is fine until I open up a second client, at which point the background noise (not the music, because I have that switched off) get rough and choppy, which persists until I close all but 1 client.

I am getting this sound. Its the same exact static/popping noise from months ago, I believe back in February. There was a pretty obscure fix for that back then I cant find for the life of me now, which is how I ended up here.

It doesn’t seem like it would be distracting but after an hour you want to just shut it down

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