Total audio disappearing

Noticed it on Test Server about ~2 month ago. And now it came to tranq - every couple of minutes the whole sound of game, windows, etc disappear. Re-checking “Enable sound” helps, but just for 2-3 minutes.
So now I can only play without ingame sound.

Greetings, same for me, all audio gone. filed bug report EBR-144065

Same problem +1

The same problem is with sound.

I only bug reported it 4 times in the last 4 weeks.

Same problem +1

Audio cuts out randomly but only if im zoomed in onto my ship. If i zoom out, sound is fine.

EVE has sound?

Its the update… it fked up the sound

Please, fix it rapidely !!! Or you will lose one more client.

I have the same issues.
Damn CCP fix your focking game already. If only Eve lost sound OK , but somehow your game can hack audio of whole WIndows and no sound is working no windows sound, no other apps like discord or TS, nothing has sound when playing Eve
Really fix this soon pls.

Confirm, EvE breaks sound atm.

I have a similar problem. Mine has also been accompanied by some “popping” sounds with the audio, usually in pairs. I tried watching the volume mixer and noticed an interesting pattern. One the first “pop”, I noticed that the Eve client is showing the bar to be stuck at playing audio at max with no modulation that you would expect with normal audio and all audio from the client stops. On the second “pop”, the audio starts working again and the bar in the volume mixer begins jumping around as you would expect when different sounds are being played. It seems the eve audio engine is getting stuck at 100% output without actually playing any sounds and will block all of the sounds it is supposed to play. If I disable sounds and reenable it, it will work for a very short while before breaking again. With a headset, the “popping” sounds are painfully loud. I hope this gets fixed fast.

Silence is golden, me too no sound :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah there are currently like 8 or 9 topics on this throughout the issues forums. Not a single dev response. Kinda shitty as i just came back to the game and i cant even have my audio on.

I have frequent audio stutters now, not limited to warping, its almost everywhere except when I am docked up. Yesterday I had audio completely disappear on me for few minutes in Eve, but not my whole computer. I docked up and restarted the game and that fixed it, but not the stutters.

Behold, the sound is fix on SiSi.

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