Recent static sound on background.... (started yesterday)

Have you guys noticed it?

Its like a static or crackle noise, which im guessing since I run 5 clients its then even more noticeable. Maybe is a new CCP design to get rid of multiboxers lol.

I didnt have this static sound 2 days ago, it started yesterday and its still going. I’ve asked my corpmates and other blue friends, and so far its only me and a blue friend on a mac. The windows folks arent experiencing this.

I dont think it’s a sound device problem, as in playback, because during the day I use normally connected speakers, but at night I use my JL Audio bluetooth headphones, which once enabled act as their own soundcard, and its also happening on these.

It could also be related to some recent patch on my system, but I have not experienced this sound when running Kodi for example, or my other music app, only happens in EVE.

Ideas? my Mac friend says he’s so far turned off EVE audio, which in hisec is not a big problem, but I like listening to the eve audio.

Just a quick question, Adara; do you listen to YouTube via the website? If you do, is the crackling present?

Exp: I had a massive problem about 3 weeks ago. I run W10 and I do a lot of audio work, so clean signals are as important to me as to you. I noticed that EVE and YouTube intermittently presented this crackling/interference noise through my headphones.

The noise also pulsated weakly or strongly depending upon I don’t know what.

I nearly went mad. I tried everything, from reconfiguring my audio to repairing Windows. Sometimes, if I cold-booted my laptop, the sound would disappear - only to return if I opened EVE or YouTube. At other times, it was absent entirely, from both programs.

Long story short; I never found out what it was. after about a week, it went, and so far hasn’t returned.

BTW I use an external audio interface (Focusrite), but that wasn’t the source of the problem.

I know how you feel; good luck with it!

I think I know what you mean, as I had that happen too, but no, its different, though I will try to see if youtube alone gives me that too.

I’ve had that, all of the sudden a video or audio plays on a browser and it messes with the whole sound system in my computer, and it wont stop untill I close the offending tab and sometimes will work better if I completely close Firefox (my usual browser).

I normally play EVE with the browser open but for whastapp, instagram and zkill and other eve related websites, but usually never with youtube playing unless Im on just the main.

But I will try to isolate it by closing other things like discord too (I dont use discord voice, but I keep it open).

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So, I did another test, just an hour ago I logged in, with just my main. I closed everything else, including discord and the browsers, and a media player. I got in game, and I warped around my system, taking a pause between warps to listen with the volume raised significantly… and I couldnt hear the static/crackling noise I had the last 2 days.

I loaded a 2nd and 3rd client, and I didnt hear it.

I finally loaded discord, to report some ‘finds’ to my corpmates, and all this time I couldnt hear the sound again. I also tried watching youtube alone on a browser and I didnt hear it neither. So, since I work tomorrow, I’ll log and then make another test tomorrow later in the day.

We’ll see.

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