AUDIO Craklings thru HDMI on a AMD Radeon

Hello !

I have since one week a strange problem on my clients. I have almost always (aka at least 3 times on 5) a sound problem.
There is a “crakling” sound on my audio, sounding like a bad connection on old analog devices, with bad contact plug.

My setup is based on a TV with sound routed thru HDMI, so digitally. I try other HDMI cable, same problem (i doubt it was cable due to digital connection).
I try different setup of my graphic card (performance, economy, quality), same problem.
I also try to downgrade the driver of this graphic card, still same problem.

When i change my audio devices, it still happens but less often. When it occurs, i also have lag/framerate drop and sometimes a graphic bug (pc freezin for few seconds and blackscreen).

It can happens with only one client running. When happens, all sound of my PC crakling (video, mp3, etc…).
It happens with and without other programs running.
It happens only with EVE Online.
It happens everywhere, in space or in stations, with or without “heavy GPU load”, regardless of empty or lot of ppl in system.

The only way to reduces/remove these craklings is to setup my client to “Optimize for performance” in ingame config menu.

My setup is a ryzen7 / 16GbRam / AMD RX580, never overclocked. No HDD-RAM problem detected with diffrent test soft. No hardware change in my setup.
The audio, when setted up to HDMI thru my graphic cards, is 16 bits depth w/ 48kHz sampling. Don’t have 24 bits choice.

I’m pretty sure it’s a GPU related issue. Things i don’t test yet, BIOS setup (maybe an option to activate or desactivate).

Thanks !

Sorry to hear of your audio issues. This is not a solution, just a request for more information from you!

Which operating system are you running (version)?

In addition to your graphic cards, do you have an internal soundcard or, perhaps, an audio interface?

If EVE is not running, do you get the same issue from watching YouTube videos or other streaming sources?

Do you get the same issues when playing other games, even if only sometimes?

If this problem is intermittent and doesn’t occur only when EVE is running, then the problem may not be EVE as such.

I have had problems similar to the ones you mention, but EVE was not the source, so I’d be interested in your answers to the above, if you have time. Thank you!

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Hi Sasha,

my pc runs under W10 64
it’s only happens on EVE, try other games, works fine (not recent one, cyberpuk2077, few tomb raiders, witcher3, hellblade, on high quality mode).
I have others sound sources, MoBo speakers and a SPDIF, bugs don’t appera or very less. It’s happens on the GPU HDMI sound devices, associated with graphigs bugs (freeze, lags, blackscreen sometimes).

Problems appears 3 weeks after the last GPU drivers update (in my case AMD 24.3.1 , i also try the older driver, same problem).

Oh and i try to reswitch to DX11 instead of DX12, same probblem.

edit : and clear all caches files of all my clients too, and verify games file

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Thanks for replying, JFKen. It seems that our problems, though similar, differ in important ways.

I rely heavily on my home audio setup, so any problems in that area become a critical issue. I’m sure it’s the same for your enjoyment of your audio experience.

It does sound as if your AMD update might have been an issue, but if you’ve rolled back the update and are still having problems, then that is frustrating. Maybe they’ll drop a corrective update?

In my case, Windows 11 handles badly any switch between audio apps, so that I get the crackling when moving, for example, between YouTube/SoundCloud and Amazon (video). Playing a file in Windows Media Player usually clears it!

In addition, I have an external audio interface which, although it has the full range of sample rates and buffer sizes, works best when pegged to Windows 11’s default rate of 44.1 kHz, with a buffer size of 1024 samples.

These are not suggestions, just explanations of my own setup.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will visit the thread and help you. I certainly hope so!

On the HDMI audio output (on the graphic cards), i’m “stuck” on 16Bits depth, no 24.

It look likes the GPU can’t handle anymore video and audio :smiley:
On other audio devices it works… erm… better :smiley: Also try on my home studio interfaces…
The strangest thing is that is random. Sometimes i can play a 5-6 hours session without any problems.
Sometimes even after restart client or the whole computer, it happens in a row…

The only change was the EVE update.

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I maybe found a solution, not sure.

I uninstall driver and the AMD soft (Adrenaline).
Reboot >> gpu recognize as a microsoft device, OS autoupdate, reboot
RX580 recognized, driver is from AMD (updated thru Windows)
No reinstalling the Adrenaline soft.

Works normally, atm…

So my GPU card don’t seem dead, and i guess it was the adrenaline AMD program that makes this mess (maybe an auto overclocking or something like that.
Runs fine with 2 or 3 accounts, on lot of 3D items on grid,etc…

Wait and see.

Fingers crossed, JFKen…!

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Sadly, the problems come back…

Same symptoms, audio craclings, entire PC freezes for 10-20 seconds, “reboot” like of the GPU card (black screen, and fans turnin off few seconds then come back, like the card itself makin its own restart :smiley: ).