Weird Static Sounds when docking that eventually leads to a crash

So in order, when I try to dock from a supression 5 system the sound shows up, but then eventually turns into a weird static noise into somewhat of a beep sound. This only happens on one client, the other clients do not do that (are also not a suppression V system.

Eventually I will be doing anything and the game willf freeze up and eventually crash, this only happens with one client though, this does not happen with other acounts.

Specifically I was in Dammalin and the system beside it starts with a Ala I think. I also tried cutting the sound off but it crashes when I try and do that.

I’ve tested other games, it does not do this (I played stellaris for 30 or so min) did not do this. I’ve changed where my headphones are port wise (does not do this)

Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide in regards to help with this, I’ve also submitted a ticket. Originally it was because I was stuck in dammalin but I detailed the issue there as well.


I’m experiencing this as well in Jufvitte which is Suppression 5, Corruption 4. I’ve been having audio issues in the system ever since the system first started gaining corruption and suppression.

When the system reached suppression 5 but corruption was still 3, the audio issue were present but not too bad and no crashes. When the system reached corruption 4, the audio started stuttering heavily and Aura’s voice lines such as warp drive active became slo-mo. Eventually the client would crash. Disabling audio while in system would lead to an instant hard freeze.


Yep that sounds similar to what happened with me.

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Same here, in 5 corruption system game audio goes br-r-r-r-r-r and game crashed.

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Police Bobs at suppressed gates, stations, and hangars were heard but not seen.
  • Fixed an issue where audio for suppressed stations could fail to load

Look like this issue.

Myself and 4 other corpmates are reporting the same issue. Sound starts crackling, then slows to a crawl. Sometimes it’s only for the first audio play, but sometimes repeats.


Not just a suppression corruption related system. Happened to me and several Corp mates all across Eve in any system.

Phew, at least it’s not just me. Last night the sound started sputtering and eventually the games crashes. Happened 4 times so far. All in Abudban, sitting at 5 suppression. Did a brand new install…which interestingly made the game run smooth as butter, but the sound is still going haywire.

…and I cant get out of system without a crash.

This is confirmed issue, disable sound as a work around, see Client Crashing / Freezing When Entering Insurgency Systems With Sound Enabled

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