[repro successful] Audio Bug (long standing) - Ship Ambience

Issue: Sound follows you to dock, mostly MWD/AB active sound (although half of it, it’s weird), but sometimes you can swear up and down it sounds like an object’s sFX. it’s not like we have a database we can easily check against such sounds. looks at ccp

I guess CCP figures audio has been a minor ‘cosmetic’ issue since release, eh? Oh, we’ve heard them boast they’re fixing it ‘soon™’ - that’s on record not a rant - so i figure until we as a community can successfully find the pattern and cause of the bug, CCP’s hands are tied.
That’s what happened with the EDENCOM sentry gun bug. RIP

okay, things i suspect so far:
(1) the workarounds are:

  • relogging (not restarting)
  • warping off grid and back in your pod (or corvette if stuck at acc.gate)
  • turning the prop mod on, then off, that seems to fix it? temporarily for sure, sometimes absolutely.

(2) the sFX heard so far are:

  • warp sound? mwd seems to have same but the warbling is missing half the latter’s sFXs
  • AB for sure happens
  • acc. gate ambience?
  • possibly enemy object sound effects?

(3) causes speculated:

  • docking while mwd/ab on and outside of dock range of 400m
  • zooming out while mwd/ab cycling (start/end/middle?)
  • activating an acc.gate too quickly after dropping out of warp (from previous gate?)
  • rarely i’ll repro it after client becomes inactive and i then come back to it (after on/off prop mod workaround)…but after my first observation i can’t repro this particular recurrence
  • the f1-5 keys seems to trigger it (my missiles)

(4) things that definitely don’t repro this:

  • mwd/ab between gates under autopilot
  • warping normally?

(5) things that I thought were involved but eliminated:

  • your own ship being the source of the sound, even after ejecting?
  • reboarding might fix it?
  • like the EDENCOM bug the only way to fix it was restarting?
  • like the POCO bug the only way to fix it was restarting?
  • it only happened during enemy action?
  • zooming out and in might fix it?
  • were other players’ sFX causing this?

specific workaround: oh dear god it seems to be the workaround to shut off any single active module at the time.

and the trigger seems to be ANY active module…

one wonders what would happen if i trigger this when i don’t have a prop mod?

issue 100% repro’d and 100% workaround available.

uploading video as i type. should take about an hour to process the HD version.

mind blowing how the mechanics of this ‘bug’ works…it’s almost as if the game doesn’t treat an active prop mod as a “healthy” sound, ipso facto. Instead it treats EVERY single module that you can activate as the source individually of the sound associated with a prop mod, and also INDIVIDUALLY the cancellation of said prop mod sound effect across all other modules however active or not.

and the kicker is that it’ll ONLY happen when you have a prop mod equipped.

and the reaally weird bit is that if you have BOTH an mwd and an ab equipped the latter will override the former (and not just mix the two into a Caleidescopic Cacophony)

it’s totally bizarre the whole thing, especially because i’m sure we all assumed that sure the prop mod sFX might haunt you at dock, but if you have a prop mod active and running the game would respect that sound and keep it on regardless…it’s so surreal that its sound is shut off when any other actively cycling mod is shut off manually [when its cycle ends]

SO THAT is why sometimes you’ll not hear the sound of a prop mod when you expect to after finishing off some enemies and are blithely heading to the next gate, or ordering warp, and you notice…gee, i don’t hear that mwd/ab at all, is that a different bug?

nope. same bug.

update: while making timestamps for the video it became blindingly obvious that the “warbling” persists when one triggers weapons and then they shut off automatically because target(s) went boom. It is only when we manually turn something off that the “warbling” stops [when that module’s cycle ends]

[edit: it feels like a manual activation starts the prop sFX ‘spool up’, and a manual deactivation starts the prop sFX ‘spool down’]

other than that revelation everything is pretty much as I replied above.

at 01:28:55 timestamp you’ll see exactly when I first discover that you can turn off the prop sound even when the prop mod is still active and cycling…i probably didn’t realize it at the time though, hindsight being 20/20…but i do eventually stumble upon this epiphany (that the prop mod isn’t somehow ‘special’ in the eyes of the mechanic)

the gist is that by turning off the 2nd missile guidance computer at the same time turning on the prop mod counter intuitively cancels the sound completely because of the ‘spool down’ mechanic turning off all prop mod sounds as soon as the cycle ENDS (not when i manually clicked the missile guidance comp)

further questions: The question now becomes: if we go into warp/jump or dock with the prop mod still on, what happens?

and there’s an issue that i realized while watching the video: why did the mwd noise NOT occur for a brief period after i’d unfitted the AB and put in the MWD?

I just want to say that I appreciate the time and work put into this. Audio bugs can be very annoying to deal with and hard to track down.

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yw. honestly, i only really focused on this in the last 2 days so thank goodness it’s not more than that.

although i do have more questions now, now that I’ve gotten this far
(1) will this warble reset at docking? (one assumes not because it persists unto dock)
(2) what about mwd/ab on while jumping (and/or having the bug active while i jump)
(3) can you ‘fix’ this by toggling sound off/on? (i’m assuming it just borks audio for a bit)
(4) will this be able to be repro’d if i turn off advanced sounds?
(5) trying to repro bug persisting onto dock

ironically, the last instance is what bugged me the most before all this bug testing of mine. lol. you’d think that would be the first thing i would have been able to easily repro. lol

i’m uploading another video. But, be warned, it is 18+ (alot of curse words.) But, frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn.

happily i was able to get positive results on 3 of the 5 questions I had about the Warbling…and bonus: i even stumbled upon another bug in the process. lulz.

it’s quite large (an hour) so will take a bit to process the HD.

re: (5) trying to repro bug persisting unto dock

okay, so here’s the thing - it’s not easy trying to repro this version of the bug (v2.0) deliberately - sure, playing the game normally will get this bug many times. I guess if it was easy anyone could do it. glares at ccp

alright, so far i’ve been able to reverse engineer at least 3 videos where i

  1. interact with a rat
  2. warp to dock
  3. land short
  4. activate prop mod
  5. sFX warbling persists after docking

the really weird thing is that if you try the normal v1.0 ‘fix’ of double clicking your prop mod to cancel all sounds of a prop mod (or turning on and off manually any active module)…v2.0 ignores your pathetic ‘fix’ and keeps warbling.

the fix is to relog (don’t need to restart client)…i haven’t tested if double clicking “enable audio” in settings will fix it, although i assume it does.

Again, let me stress that i haven’t deliberately been able to repro v.20 of this bug that drives everyone crazy…i’d like to. i’d love to show CCP a nail their HAMMER will solve. I’d love to say the above bullet points is exactly what happens to cause the warbling to continue past dock.

it’s basically the game thinking that you’re still moving with a prop mod active, while docked

looks like there’s a new wrinkle to version 2.0 of the Warbling: in a scenario where i can 100% repro this iteration of the bug (aka the persist unto dock) i tried a couple of variations and one of them provided a surprising result: if you turn on the prop mod and don’t manually turn it off during the entire encounter, then the bug won’t happen.

which is kind of weird and i wonder if that also is a thing for version 1.0 (the one i can repro with my eyes closed)?

so…in future i’ll need to test a little more for:
(1) doing it the original way of on/off prop mod, target rat, web rat, let web turn off itself, dock [warble active 2.0]
(2) leaving the prop mod on [warble not active 2.0]
(3) not turning the prop mod on [warble not active 2.0]
(4) prop mod on/off, and also web on/off [unknown]
(5) leaving the prop mod on, but on/off the web [unknown]

obviously the next step after that is to see if version 1.0 has any new wrinkles when i try to do the same thing (like say with a survey scanner)…although i might have already tried everything to do with the above 5 shrug

[errata: i’d reinvented the wheel on #2 being also version 1.0]
[edit: i’ll try and add timestamps to this video]

All permutations of the bug involved with prop mod ‘warbling’ either in space or docked.
(1) doing it the original way of on/off prop mod, target rat, web rat, let web turn off itself, dock [warble active 1 & 2.0]
(2) leaving the prop mod on [warble not active 1 & 2.0]
(3) not turning the prop mod on [warble not active v1.0; warble active 2.0, but not as loud]
(4) prop mod on/off, and also web on/off [warble not active v1.0; warble active 2.0, but not as loud]
(5) leaving the prop mod on, but on/off the web [warble not active 1 & 2.0]

now, a caveat: this was tested on mission 9 of soldier of fortune…and i can only hope this is representative of eve as a whole when it comes to this particular bug.

and addendum to that: overstaying my welcome in that 9 of 10 mission will generate version 2.0 no matter which iteration/scenario i choose, although the warbling’s is different in kind and/or degree…i wish i had access to CCP’s sound files. It would be so easy for CCP to diagnose the issue, but forum rules are against ranting so i’ll demure.

oh, and i’ll just leave this here:

[edit: work in progress]

~~~~~ WORLD LEVEL ~~~~~
---- atmosphere ---
that strange radio chatter inside and outside npc stations
npc ship comm chatter
Planets hum?
Stargates hum
Wormholes hum
Cynosural hum
boarding a ship
ordering undock
Customs Offices
----- jump activation ----
stargate and wormhole flash [note: this is other peoples' jumping sounds, not yours]
your own ship when it hits maximum warp speed
------- ship effects ----
your jumping sounds for stargates/wormholes (see effects)
3rd party warp [as long as you have graphical toggle for 'effects' on. long story...]
cloaking up (and the cloaking up sound you get when entering an upwell or new system)
uncloaking sound (both voluntary and involuntary, and when you exit invulnerability after stargate jump)
exterior upwell moon drill sounds (that thump thump thump)
tethering (yes, that weird hum outside an upwell you can't pin down is that)
cargo/ship/survey scanner
command bursts and remote repping
hardeners/repair modules
ewar effects
Explosions  (when a ship or object explodes, not when a missile does)
------- ship ambience ------
your jumping sounds for stargates/wormholes (see ambience)
the sound of your pre/post warp ship transformations
the sound of warping, entering warp, moving at speed
the sound of your engines as you finish loading station interior
loading ammo/scripts
------- turret volume --------
enemy fire AND turret impacts
missile launches AND missile detonations aka impacts
salvage drone effects
athanor tractor beam (thumping)

{world level} does not have any base sounds independent of advanced slider options

~~~~~ UI SOUNDS ~~~~~
-------- secondary interfaces -----
data/relic minigame
probe functions
the map
ship tree
new skill panel
-------- UI click -------
hum sound when dragging an item
click sound when dropping an item into a bay
basically, all the little clicks you hear hovering over ui elements
new eden store clicks
sensor overlay pinging
------- warning sounds ----
Tied Abyssal Deadspace boundary warning
the ship health alerts
getting decloaked by an object

{here are the sounds independent of advanced sliders}
the login reward box 'elevator music'
the invulnerability timer is a thunk sound as you undock or enter a new system
targeting something
the weapons timer ticker (as it counts down)
taking a drug, or anything involving a timer/flag
wallet transactions
opening simulator
the discovery window
ore hold full
activity tracker
the new undocking/docking sounds

~~~~~ CCP NOTES ~~~~~
from an official forum post when they nerfed options for audio settings:
Audio Enabled enables (or disables) the entire EVE audio system. This has the same audible effect as turning down the Master volume, but also cuts out any load caused by the audio system.
"Quieter Weapon Sounds" reduces the maximum volume level of all weapons.
"Override dynamic music..." only permits the music system to play songs included in EVE's initial release.
"Use Combat music" applies only in non-site situations and triggers a music change when the active ship is targeted. Examples: at a regular asteroid belt, slowboating to a gate, getting jumped at your safe, etc.
Atmosphere, Jump Activation, Ship Effects, Ship Ambience, and Turrets are all World sounds.
Secondary interfaces, UI Click, and Warning Sounds are all UI sounds.

an audio bug I hear very often happens on docking. If you dock when the scanning sound is still going on (the sound that you can hear when u have just undocked) before the audio loop stops, the same sound will keep on going in an infinite loop until undocking again. It’s very random. Doesn’t seem related to modules active or not.