All sorts of Audio issues listed

Looks (or better, sounds …) like the audio engine is due an overhaul. The poor thing is totally confused.

Experiences so far:

  1. Persistent npc sounds (“whisper”) after use of a cloaky ship. Noticeably after a visit to a poco
  2. Persistent atmospheric sound (“heavy, droning engine”) after many jumps. This one even carries over when switching characters on the same account. Reminds me of the memory leak with the gate sounds, but is even more persistent.
  3. Normal sound levels in station not restored after going into planetary view. Station sounds are almost muted.

If you experience more audio issues please add them to this thread.

@CCP_Fleebix it looks like moby dick made a return with a vengeance :wink:


Have some more issues:

  1. Persistent “jet-plane” sound after logoffing to characters screen and login back
  2. New station voices sound (in Jita) don’t mute when alt-tabbed
  3. No sound for cyno jump-out ships in grid.

This was already reported (except 2nd issue) few updates ago, but still no fix. This really annoying.
Sound system works worse with every new patch.


polite bump

Here’s some other audio issues to add:

  1. Music doesn’t play when docked in station.

  2. Station interior sound level extremely loud compared to world sounds when undocked.

  3. Inconsistent station interior sound levels, intermittent volume changes of Fog Horn and Rumbling noise which drowns out all other sounds.

  4. Opening Starmap in station cuts off station interior sounds and after closing map, station interior sounds do not return.



  1. no sounds of ships coming out of warp or going into warp on grid in any type of space …
  2. sounds often not loading when hacking minigame opens
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Polite bump after an extra month
remark: sound levels in stations after planetary view were fixed
remark 2: warp in/out sounds on grid related to zoom level ?

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why do you reference a dev about this particular issue? did he promise a ‘fix’?

regardless, a few points.

  1. haven’t noticed the whisper yet, although i have noticed poco sounds following me whereever i go the few times i’ve had that particular bug
  2. the sound you’re hearing is considered by the system to be a ‘deployable’ even though it is simply one part of a jumpgate hum/buzz sound effect (you can test this by ‘muting’ that in the inactive client settings and opening a browser to put the client into the background)
  3. haven’t noticed that at all, yet. although see below

i have noticed that the sliders won’t stop LOUD sound effects as though you had it at 100%…it’s a weird situation that you’ll have a slider to 0 yet you’ll hear really loud sounds of that type (fixed by sliding it to 100% then back to where you want it)

speaking of fixes, turning audio fully off then back on will fix #2 (and i suppose 1 and 3 as well)

there are really strange sound bugs that once you know about them become rather annoying in how quickly they occur and how regularly people are experiencing them (even if they’re not aware)…not only that i’m finding it incredibly difficult to reproduce the bugs in order to form a proper bug report.

i am however fully confident in the ‘fixes’ i have illustrated above, and 100% certain that #2 is considered a ‘deployable’ by the spagetti code…for whatever stupid reason.

two reasons, because he helped us with similar issues earlier, and because he’s a cool guy with a good sense of humor (and knowledge on classic novels) when it comes to audio problems, lol Stargate noises intensify - #23 by CCP_Fleebix and more in same thread

wow. so they graced you with their coding presence for all of a week. wow. back in spring? amazing, i’m so glad they ‘fixed’ it. color me totally unimpressed.

[edit: i don’t suppose this mythical ‘audio dev’ has a name? most likely someone put on a ‘hat’ and called himself that for the day]

The stargate hum which stays with your ship/character as you jump is very bad now. This has been an issue I would guess for over a year… For the longest time I thought this was just a horrible audio decision for station ambient noise lol. By the way you can get rid of this hum by disable then re-enable audio, but it still really needs to be fixed!


I don’t have that particular stargate hum any more. It was fixed months ago for me, through the intervention of @ccp_fleebix. Did you file a bug report ?

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Ok so I did some experiments… I flew from Rens to Jita (about 20 jumps) and did not have this problem. Then I flew back to Rens (no problem once I got to Rens) and went to the region of Derelik which is where I spend most of my time, and the issue started to happen again. So my guess would be that it has to do with the type of stargate though of course I have no idea lol. I dunno it happens to me in Derelik, so whatever that means I hope that it helps!

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Also when I autopilot and my ship is approaching the base for dock, it says “Docking request accepted” multiple times and then it docks. Not a big deal but it’s been a problem for very long.

I got the same problem with that hum. It’s very annoying. Still waiting for a fix.

You guys @Kermit_Lotanzo @Kaivarian_Coste have to file bug reports. The chance of it being picked up via the forums is very low.

wow. well, just as i expected, full of trolls. i particularly love the “it’s fleebix’s moby dick” (bwhhaa, he walked away from it within days) & “well file a bug report blah blah blah”…yeah, brilliant. let’s just file bug reports that we cannot ‘repro’, that’ll totally get fasttracked (to the wastebin)

here’s the things we know so far:
(1) it follows you to the log in screen
(2) once the bug occurs ship effects/ambience sliders are ignored and volume for those set to max
(3) the bug can be either sounding like a POCO or what most of us swear to be a stargate hum
(4) it is tied to ‘deployables’ inactive client muting (so you won’t hear it if the bugged client is in the background)
(5) BUT, it will also occur even if you have only one client running in full screen mode (which seems to contradict #4, so paradox)
(6) zooming out, in space, will be a temporary solution
(7) toggling audio off/on will fix the humbug, but the side effects of #2 are still there
(8) there seems to be absolutely no rhyme nor reason to when this bug occurs, and trying to figure out what seems to be a blackbox issue makes it look like RNG

i’d dearly love to be able to definitively ‘repro[duce]’ this an finally file a half decent bug report that won’t get binned.

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If you know of any other way to try to escalate these persistent issues, feel free. I’m hesitant to yank the sleeves of our two forum-active CSM members (@Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal ) again. But I guess I just did, sigh, sending them off on a wild goose chase with very little reliable bug information. At least @CCP_Fleebix acknowledged the existence of this thread.

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Link your bug report numbers so I can pass those on to the team and maybe get an update.


I’ll try to make a bug report and report back. I’ve been able to reproduce the issue flying from the station in Frarn (Heimatar region) to the station in Sasta (Derelik). Once I dock in Sasta there is a persistant pulsating hum, and I got the same on a couple different accounts. I think it’s louder depending on how many jumps you do also but that’s just a guess.


The loud hum noise is definitely an audio bug, I hear it constantly in station, it’s 3 times as loud as the world sounds when undocked which continues and can still be heard even when zoomed out. It also continues when switching between characters on same account via the log-off option.