All sorts of Audio issues listed

Looks (or better, sounds …) like the audio engine is due an overhaul. The poor thing is totally confused.

Experiences so far:

  1. Persistent npc sounds (“whisper”) after use of a cloaky ship. Noticeably after a visit to a poco
  2. Persistent atmospheric sound (“heavy, droning engine”) after many jumps. This one even carries over when switching characters on the same account. Reminds me of the memory leak with the gate sounds, but is even more persistent.
  3. Normal sound levels in station not restored after going into planetary view. Station sounds are almost muted.

If you experience more audio issues please add them to this thread.

@CCP_Fleebix it looks like moby dick made a return with a vengeance :wink:

Have some more issues:

  1. Persistent “jet-plane” sound after logoffing to characters screen and login back
  2. New station voices sound (in Jita) don’t mute when alt-tabbed
  3. No sound for cyno jump-out ships in grid.

This was already reported (except 2nd issue) few updates ago, but still no fix. This really annoying.
Sound system works worse with every new patch.

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