All sorts of Audio issues listed

I see you.

feel free to rope me in Brisc.

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Ok I created bug EBR-224833 for the noise issue.

It’s on a different account, I tried twice to create a bug under this account and both times it failed, once I hit the Submit button nothing happened, but it did clear all the text I had typed into the bug report fields which was excellent! I was going to create a bug report for the Bug Report form but I thought that would be rude.


note that the video is still processing the HD version

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Nice I think that it is related to the EDENCOM systems as you mentioned. I flew to Amarr tonight from Derelik, I docked a couple times on the way to check if I had the hum issue and I did not. Then I flew through the Barira system which is EDENCOM, docked in the next system Bagodan and now I did have the issue!

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and the more folks who now can make the connection, AND file a bug report will grow (well, not very much, maybe 1-3, but hey. lol)

Thanks for keeping this up!

@Kermit_Lotanzo and @MinorFreak, I think you’re on to something here. I filed a bug report yesterday because I too noticed this happening consistently in EDENCOM systems - it is the gunstar ambient sound that gets stuck and keeps playing in the background. Leaving the system or docking up doesn’t clear it, even logging off doesn’t help. To make it stop I actually have to quit the game, or mute the audio.

Before patch 19.03 came out, I was badly affected by the “persistent gate sounds bug”. Now, everything is fine except for the EDENCOM systems. Entering any one of these systems will trigger the bug; it is repeatable and consistent. Loglite error messages are mostly this: “Failed to send event to Wwise: worldobject_jumpgate_fade_out”. ​

Bug report: EBR-224862, already has “attached” status.

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