Sound bug on Caldari stations


An odd but very annoying issue has been plaguing me.

I have made a support ticket but we were unable to find out what could be the cause of it. Here is hoping someone here might have some idea as a last chance effort of trying to find out what could be the issue. :slight_smile:

So the issue I am having is with the station atmosphere sound in Caldari stations. Each race’s stations have their own unique station sounds when docked. That sound naturally stops playing ones you undock except in my case, when I undock from a Caldari station the sound effect still carries on playing in an endless loop carrying on the same sound effect that was playing when you clicked the undock button.

The only way to make it stop without restarting the client is to dock in a non caldari station and that resets the sound. I can turn off the atmospheric sounds in settings but that turns every atmospheric sound off in the game and I hugely prefer playing with sounds on. As soon as I turn the atmospheric volume back up it starts playing again anyway.

It may not seem as much but the sound playing over and over again is hugely distracting and will give you a headache after a while - the sound doesn’t belong in space either so it detracts from the overall experience of the game.

I wanted to base out of Caldari and regularly go to Jita to sell so it’s become a point I either move somewhere out of Caldari or I stop playing the game until the issue is fixed, as this bothers me everytime I play.

In the support ticket I was told by the GM that he had never heard of this before and we concluded that it must be an issue on my end, i.e. not client side.

I literally have tried everything. I have messed with every audio setting in the client along with on my pc.
Reset the cache and the usual. I then even reformated my pc in the hopes it could be a buggy driver or something to no avail.

I just find it somehow hard to believe that it could be a hardware issue or software issue on my side when everything audio related is working perfectly fine except for this one sound in Eve that is bugging out. It sounds more like the sound file for that particular station sound is corrupted but I guess more people would be having this issue then so I don’t know.


I thought I would turn to the community as a last ditch effort. So does anyone have any idea what could possibly be causing this issue and any workarounds that I could try.

Many thanks in advance!

I have experienced a variation of this, i.e. stations sounds that persist after undocking.

In my case, what I particularly remember was a wailing sound. I can’t remember if it is Gallente or Amarr stations that it occurs in; but, I would hear the wailing after exiting the station.

In the end, under Audio Engine Settings I put the Music Level at zero. I cannot recall experiencing the “station sound loop” since doing so.

It has been at least two years since I adjusted the audio, and I’ve forgotten details regarding this “sound anomaly” but I distinctly remember it.

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