Ambient sounds in stations effected by insurgencies

I thought they were gone but they’re not, I think they’re caused by suppression. Super annoying. :frowning:


ESC, Audio, Advanced, Atmosphere


Fly around low sec. Turn off audio or dc.

Problem solved….kind of lol.

Seems to be even a non insurgency issue. I was systems not in that when up and hitting issues.

Drilling Platforms are so loud sitting on the undock its like a spanner has been left in a cement mixer.

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It’s like being in a shipyard with annoying announcements, publicity for Quafe, AIR Program and other radio-like commercials. It’s really annoying. Makes me happy to undock. And maybe that’s the point of it all.
And the station interior is plastered with lit-up advertisements, it all feels like corporations rule New Eden as well as the real world.
Bye-bye Immersion.

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Yes, those sounds are really annoying.

Just play around with the Advanced Audio Settings, @Nira_Mangeiri has it right, you can tone down many things there, including in-Station background effects.

None of the advanced audio settings have any effect on the weird noises found in stations effected by insurgencies, which are the only ones that I really have a problem with. They’re the only sounds that made me want to go and cry on the forums because I hate them so much.
The only thing that seems to work is turning down the World level which also removes almost all audio from the game entirely, so that’s not ideal.
Sorry for the month-late reply by the way.


For a small time, after the audio was revamped a while back, CCP added loads of advanced audio sliders, almost one for each area of sound. However a few patches later they were shoved into the groups we have now so its impossible to separate certain effects.

Would be fantastic to have those options back.

Edit: Thought I’d add this.

This was was when CCP changed the station interior audio, Redesigning Audio in Hangars | EVE Online Players were even asked to submit suggestions here, Redesigning Audio in Hangars

The main problem was taking incoherent pleasant sounds and converting them to English, by doing so the brain picks it up and tries to hear it rather than before the brain could just allow it to become a background sound.

This was the old Gallente interiour, EVE Online - Sound Effects - Gallente Pleasure Hub 1

imho much nicer and much easier to take no notice of.

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Have to agree, I get that might be the best category, but it feels like nobody is listening. :rofl:

It seems a lot of people are posing in this subgroup for things utterly unrelated to Photon UI…

I’d move this post to general discussion dude, might get a bit more interest but unlikely, to many players sound is unimportant and as such not the highest priority for CCP.

Probably for the best, when CCP asked what we wanted I put this,

The audio in station is intended to be annoying by design so you dont stay there long. You should be off flying around in space killing or being killed like the rest of us.

If that were true we wouldn’t have a ship spin counter.

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I don’t know how I managed to post it in the Photon UI section, nor how to move it.
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INSURGENCY STATION NOISES ARE NOT MUTABLE! This needs to be fixed, these noises are so ridiculously obnoxious it’s not even funny.


This has been a problem with drilling platforms for like forever.