Redesigning Audio in Hangars

Greetings, Capsuleers,

Thank you for answering our devblog call! We will use this thread to collect submissions for the in-game public announcements that we are looking to implement in one of the upcoming updates.

When writing down your suggestions please make sure you clearly indicate the faction the line is supposed to be for and don’t forget to follow these simple criteria:

  • You can suggest as many lines as you can
  • Lines should not be longer than a couple of sentences
  • Lines must be specific to only one faction
  • Lines should be kept within the lore of EVE Online
  • Lines must be in English

Thank you for contributing to shaping the servicing infrastructure of space.




Also wtb changes that affect the game like balance & stuff instead of audio updates :slight_smile:


2nd 1st


general suggestion for Gallente hangars: whatever you do, please don’t get rid of that voice that sounds suspiciously like Porky Pig. That was something you had way back in the previous station audio, then it was removed, and then it came back with Citadels. It’s my Favorite Thing.

Another general suggestion: if at all possible, please have at least a couple of the announcements in the faction’s in-game languages. That is, announcements in Napanii, Intaki, Amarrian, etc… There are definitely people in the RP community that could help translate.


“Would the owner of a Sebiestor-SKINned Hurricane, registration number 26139N3, please call Hangar control? Your ship has been quarantined due to fedo eminations.”

And while you’re at it, please consider adding the World News feed to the launcher, character select and/or Agency.


For Gallente: (said with moderate frustration) How many times do I have to say it: We. Leave. No. Drones. Behind!

Minmatar: No, it wasn’t part of the blueprint. I needed a patch so I cut it from a bucket. … Yes, a bucket! It worked, didn’t it?


1st 2nd

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Should be something like that for every faction! Not direct copies but similar!

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faction independent

  • differnt alarm sounds for reinforced citadels

while we’re at it, different audio specific to faction fortis and each of the upwell structures.

Go big or go home.


Faction Forts should play the audio for the appropriate racial type and upwells.


I love what you are doing, but there is something that maybe you can add in addition to that and I mean also change the interior of the hangars and the music of the faction fortifications so that despite being citadels they are the closest thing to a NPC station

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Man, I only got the notification just now! Way too late for a 1st!

Going to read the devblog now …

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All factions:
Unattended clones will be confiscated by the station owner
Attention freelancer alpha 1-1: you have a contact waiting in the bar
The undock is currently open for departures

Specific factions:
Today’s winner for the audio contest is (faction) citizen number 8675309


In official sounding voice:
“Please help prevent rouge drones, do not abandon your drones”


“Would The Docking Manager please report to his Duty Ttation. Repeat, would Scotty please report to his Duty Station.”


And the Classic:
“Suicide in public areas is strictly prohibited”


Minmatar hanger : Listen, this ship needs to be ready in the next two hours. Just go to the supply room and get me some rubberbands and duct tape.


Caldari State: “No loitering.”
Caldari State: “All personnel report to your supervisers.”
Caldari State: “Always carry your personal ID card.”
Minmatar Republic: “Hangar -insert random number- is temporarily unavailable due to runaway fedo problem.”
Gallente Federation: “A pleasure hub on deck -insert random number- is open for new visitors!”
Amarr Empire: “God bless a ship departing from docking bay -insert random number-”


When you start messing around with a PA system you can do some really cool stuff; imagine announcements when a lot of people are docking/undocking in a short period, or an alert when weapon fire is detected near the station. Some specifics:

Fighting Nearby:
[Alert Chime] “Weapon’s fire detected in the vicinity, undock at you’re own risk.”

Incoming Traffic:
“We are experiencing heavy incoming traffic, arriving vessels may be delayed.”

Outgoing Traffic:
“We are experiencing heavy outgoing traffic, departing vessels may experience delays.”


What a nonsense.