Advanced Audio - Feedback/Feature requests

Seeing as more posts are being redirected here, I thought it was needed to add the Advanced audio discussion here.

Can we please have some updates from CCP’s audio team regarding the state of the audio settings changes and what proposed changes are coming down the pipe to restore some of the simplified audio menu settings?

Previous thread: Advanced Audio Settings Changes - EVE Information Portal - EVE Online Forums

Edit: Can’t find the old forums post via the above link anymore. Related link: EVE Search - Advanced Audio Settings Changes

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Hear, hear… pun intended.

My last post on this overlooked yet important factor >

This is a link to a feedback post I made a while back when we still had the advanced audio settings > …this was locked for being to important or in light of CCP usage data highlighting mass paracusia in the player base.

The whole thing has left me rather discombobulated.


Thanks for starting this, Dominous Nolen.

The audio team (and the director specifically) have been reading player feedback in the old forums and I have forwarded this link for attention.

Issues logged via the in game bug reporting tool have been assigned to developers for correction, but at present, no changes to the functionality of this system are scheduled for release. When additional changes are added, a member of the team will communicate them here.

Good to hear they keeping their eyes on the matter.

I hope we can get some update from them on expansion of the settings at some point in the next little while, I am still finding I’m having to adjust down atmospheric changes on occasion and gate jumps when watching wormholes or moving through kspace systems.

Cheers dude.

All we want is uber-sound factor massive.

Surely that’s not too much to ask.

:notes: :level_slider: :notes:

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Hello Mr Antiquarian

The new explosion sounds is just horrible, or is it a client issue?

Plan Neun

There is an issue, and it is getting continued dev attention this week.

That fix should be audible on the latest patch!

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Thanks for the update!

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I’m still waiting to hear about why the inactive sounds options didn’t get merged together. Its clearly not a problem for that side, so why was this change made to the active window?

And yes, I’m posting to this hateful forum because there are only 4 days of the better forums life left and I suspect CCP won’t really post back there.

This sound clip demos my problem, 3 encounters in highsec, the crimewatch buzzer goes off 14, 11, and 19 times. 44 times in under 8 minutes.

its been a while, so I’m going to poke.

Is this being worked on or have CCP rubbed their hands and gone “JOB WELL DONE!” whilst ignoring the fact that the change was bad?

And CCP, I still await an answer as to why this change only affected the active window and didn’t also affect the inactive window. If there isn’t, then revert or make the change to the inactive as well, otherwise you are clearly lying about why you actually made the change.

Also still waiting for response. This is a deal breaker, I will not play or recommend your game in this state.

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For some reason I can’t seem to disable the annoying station chatter. It’s driving me nuts. If I disable world level nearly all of the sounds disappear.

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well funny you should bring that up, until fairly recently the sound team had developed a fantastic list of sound options for a more detailed review and selection of the available audio options.

Alas this was removed. Because only people with ears used it.

I’m sure this isn’t completely a dead topic for them. It’s not like they haven’t been working on other features and I’m sure now that Summer is coming to a rapid close we’ll start to see some form of feedback soon™er than later as people come back from vacations and RL things.

There’s alot of feedback between old and new forums to consider plus reddit’s list.

I’m hopeful things will get sorted to a satisfactory end.

have you tried the atmosphere slider in the advanced audio settings?

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CCP - Just checking in. Any updates?

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I to want to add my voice to this. As it is now, a salvager module sounds twice as much as my set of large guns, blasters or lasers. Not to mention firing a missile of that will blow your ears out when you´ve increased the turret volume to max to be able to hear atleast a faint rumbling sound from them. And the incoming fire seems to be affected by this, last night i was engaged by merc npc´s and the noise that came from them made me hastily turn the volume down, but my own guns where nowhere to be heard. I suggest a button that instead of lowering turret volume, how about increasing it instead? Like 10 times… I want the old tachyons back! Im in it for the immersion and the fantasy part of it, sound is a big deal.

edit: And how about completely being able to turn of the rave and disco music during missions, Ive checked the “override” button for this but to no effect, I want the classics :slight_smile:


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Bump for updates.

CCP any word from the Audio team regarding this matter?