Advanced Audio - Feedback/Feature requests

I have multiple characters and I would like a way to permanently turn audio on/off on accounts and have it stay that way. I log into multiple characters simultaneously and all sounds are mixed.

Still not playing because of this.

bump for updates.

CCP Baldar - Please provide some kinda of status even if this is in the planning phases.

We all know that this entire forum section is Never going to be read, right?

At this point, I’m just trying to keep the thread alive so it doesn’t expire and auto close. I am sure they are watching and I have to wonder how the audio code changes coming in the next patch related to restoration of the features removed.

I don’t want this to turn into another dead thread, like the camera changes, probe scanning changes etc…

+1 For slider for rave and disco

Spent a week mailing support regarding old “dungeon music” slider and we couldn’t find it =)

Sadly CCP couldn’t give two flyings about this anymore. They’ve stated in the CSM minutes that its dead and not coming back because “its too difficult to maintain with the updates and the new audio coming into the game.”

Thanks CCP. Lying once more because you don’t want to put any effort into allowing people to mute some sounds over others. You’ve consistently IGNORED our requests for why it has been merged together when the inactive options to mute individual sounds are still available.

I didn’t bother CCP Falcon with this yesterday because I wanted him to not have to think of an answer that he couldn’t provide properly and it would not be fair on him.

So. @CCP_Fozzie ball is now in your court. Give us a proper clear reason as to why one option is still available and not the other.

FFS… We need something back, this is still a problem and driving some players away. Just like when the advanced camera features we’re nixxed. Depending on what they mean by “new audio”, maybe we’ll get some form of adjustability.

I’m going to say the same thing I said a while ago. I don’t want to listen to my own warp effect. I just need the 3rd party warp effect when someone lands on grid with my fleets. The droning audio drives me nuts after a while thanks to Tinnitus.

Page 23 for those interested.

I also have bad tinnitus, maybe that is why I can not stand the Crime watch buzzer constantly going off basically at random in combat with npc’s.

If CCP refuses to bring back the audio options that they have no way to defend removing, at least fix the issue with the crimewatch buzzer by removing it completely, or making it not play the sound every time it refreshes and everytime it starts counting again.

I would be playing like crazy with the alpha changes, but I still can not get over this beeping.

Wow, it is really disconcerting as a newbie to read a thread like this. Makes me think twice about continueing to sub if CCP can’t get off their backsides and fix things.

As an outside observer and a subbed player for multiple years, I see that things take time (I work in a project workspace In IT so I kinda understand nothing happens overnight) and given the recent audio engine changes I’m still hopeful that things will be changed.

I’m still hoping they are taking feedback on the camera system as well as other areas.

The roadmap is huge, given the fact they are adding in new features to weed out old stuff like the POS system, other changes might not take as much of a priority depending on the map.

They took our feedback in the old forum and in here, so they do have our wants and concerns. What we end up with sadly is the mystery, but hopefully we’ll get some offical word at some point. I’m not happy with the current system same as everyone else, nor was I happy it was kinda ninja’d in with out testing (someone just noticed it on the test server and brought it up)

Anyway… Just my two cents given discussions that I’ve had.

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Keep alive bump.

Updates please…

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Keep alive bump

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Also doing a bump.

Since recent, when loading the game we are pushed into the Ship hangar of a citadel, instead of the outside view.
I now have to press the blue button for 2 minutes on all my accounts in order to see the beautiful space this space-sim provides, but more importantly, to not hear the sound the station itself makes.
I had hoped CCP would give us the option to toggle which view we prefer.

I am currently going completely nuts from the sound the station makes. So in the advanced audio i could reduce the Atmosphere to 0%.
I do not wish to do this though, cause I live in WH space, and I want to hear the WH sounds, in case it is end of life, of reduced in mass.
I do not wish to check the info of the wormhole every single time.
For some reason ccp refuses to listen to the huge feedback that was provided in the initial CCP forum post about the change.
I hope this still can be adjusted since, and i quote.

"We continue to investigate ways to improve this system, … , so do not hesitate to comment on the forums and make your own noise across New Eden. "

Re Citadel view.

It’s probably a bug. I’ve had an EBR attached for the matter and when I logged into the test server it appears the current build doesn’t behave the same way.

Did you happen to log a bug for the matter for tracking? if not, I’d suggest doing so for any odd behaviours you see moving forward, cause if we say something and don’t saying anything, might not get fixed/validated.

As for the sound stuff… Waiting for updates, however… They just did a massive back end change to the audio system, so it’s not inconceivable that they had to wait before restoring settings or at least iterating on changes that were made.

Keep Alive bump

My two cents:

The reduction of advanced audio settings was done on impulse, and with total disregard for the community that likes to use and without regard to the negative feedback it universally saw. The removal of options and choice in situations like this is never a good thing, and is an example of poor decision-making on part of the audio and/or game directors. The problem was not in the number of options available to us, the problem was in some people being okay with the default sound mix, and with a smaller number of us wanting to change it so it was less… Bad.

What has been driving me crazy lately is the never-ending, obnoxious Ship Tree and Map noises. Those are controlled by the “Secondary Interfaces” audio control now, and are grouped with a bunch of other UI interaction noises I very much like to have. So I’m stuck choosing between missing those sounds or throwing my head through a wall listening to the unyielding, terrible Ship Tree and Map noises.

Simply put, however, I just want my audio controls back so I can fix the terrible sound mixing that is default in this game, and I don’t want to have to sacrifice things in order to make certain actives aurally bearable.


Oh, wow. Didn’t notice this thread until now! Perfect place to post the issue I noticed. I would’ve but have since made a thread about it. There really shouldn’t be a reason for this. If the Advanced Audio feature is there. Then it should work as intended. Ship Ambiance and Ship Effects don’t work properly. Ship idle effects AND ship engine sounds are controlled by the same option!

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Every time I think about firing eve up, like when they sent me an email about there new expansion, I remember these missing sound options, and how I will have to listen to that annoying crimewatch buzzer play over and over or completely turn off all UI sounds. Then I check this thread and decide play something else.