Advanced Audio - Feedback/Feature requests

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CCP Baldar… Can we please some comments regarding potential expansion of the audio options?

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Or at least an explanation of why the inactive client audio options have more options than the advanced audio options. It is non-sensible that these allow for so much control, whereas one of the best features they ever made for this game was considered too hard to upkeep for the group that used them.

Now that CCP has been bought by another company and their internal numbers are, as stated in the AMA, looking really good right now, maybe they can put resources back into this area of the game. Or is that a pipe-dream at this point?

At the very least, there are certain effects that should be given their own sound sliders, like “structure audio” and “map and tool ambiance”. The drone of Keepstars is ear-splitting and the map, exploration scanner, and ship tree ambient noise is grinding. The grouping needs to be looked at again and I think the addition of these two options would suffice, at least for me.

This is among the worst development choices ever made in this game for me. Sound is important, and the sound in EVE can be really good, but the default mix and the poor controls we are given make it hard to accomplish. Among my favorite things to do, when this was first implemented, was to listen to the sounds of the universe while exploring, and the wonderful “silence” of holding your ship still in Wormholes and the like. I can’t do this any longer and it is something I miss dearly.

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The audio back end just got updated in today’s patch so they’ve probably been busy working on integrating it into the client. Can’t comment cause I dont know, but I assume their workload is pretty heavy.

Agreed I’m still not loving the lack of options and I am constantly trying to find the right balance for some options to minimize client settings. Ship effects, ambiance settings etc still need seperation. Same for wormholes vs gates, as I’ve said in various threads.

it would be awesome to get some updates on this issue.

I’m going to keep this thread going so it doesn’t get autoclosed by the forums software in the hopes something will come out soon™

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Any updates?

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I just assume at this point that I still can’t turn off crimewatch buzzers without turning off all UI sounds. This has to be one of the most puzzling things I have ever seen a game developer do.

If you ever do decide to make this unplayable for me again, make sure to post something here. I don’t bother updating the client or reading and notes / news about the game anymore.

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No changes have been seen for a while on this… What if you turn down the warning notifications? I don’t recall if those are linked.

CCP Baldar, Can we please have an update on this? Lots of feedback has been provided and we’d love some controls restored. if possible.