Advanced Audio - Feedback/Feature requests

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Would love to hear some feedback on this because audio settings still cause issues…

Tool tips in game for what settings are on what slider would also be nice btw :slight_smile:

Ya, They don’t care, they just follow w/e bad ideas are hot it seems. No matter how you point out possible fixes you just get ignored. They are too busy adding red dots you can’t turn off to fix long standing audio issues. If would mean another check box, and you know how that will kill the game.

■■■■ i’d just settle for SOUND to fking work at all…it’s been broken going on 3 weeks now for certain customers, and all we’ve heard is “we’re working on it”, and that was more than 2 weeks ago.

It takes time to identify and correct these kinda of issues. What OS are you on? and what exactly sound wise was impacted? Just curious.

So, has anyone here noticed a odd banging sound in ambient space?

A few of us have heard it now, we think its some splill over possibly from something invasion realated.

Its not all the time, is not effected by advanced audio sliders for ship ambience or atmosphere and its only been noticed since the sound fix for win7 users etc.

I’d suggest documenting that and throwing a bug report in. I know I’ve heard some weird audio glitches in larger fleet fights and I hope there some fixes coming at some point based on reports provided.

I’m on Windows 10 and there are definitely issues in larger scale engagements.

Make the yellow crimewatch buzzer not play every time it resets. Please.

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any chance of getting the advanced audio feature back? and better sounds, not just unpleasant banging or clanking, so many cool sub base sounds availalable. trasformers eg, while a terrible film has some amazing audio bass reverb.

I’ve literally been keeping thread posts open for a few years through I think 3 forum versions now in the hopes eventually they will iterate on this change. The 7 slider menu isn’t enough for those who want to tune their experience.


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CCP please any updates on this?

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Im still waiting for the audio loop of the gate out of the station !

Probably better to look here friend:

This thread was opened for the advanced audio menu changes from way back. Still hoping we see some life in regards to reversion on that.