CCP changed sound effects again, it's super loud

Yes I know, “EVE has sound?” and “zoom in?”.

But go try it: be attacked by NPC or something, zoom in and suddenly your eardrums are shattered by an overwhelming… noise. It’s one of those gong/red dot things again where they changed stuff we didn’t ask for nor want.

It didn’t use to be this way and frankly I don’t understand why it was changed to this. Please change it back.

You mean turrets actually have sound again?

Bring on the thunder, that’s the best part of shooting a huge effing gun. Don’t like it? Turn on “soft turret sound” option.

It’s not the turrets.

Yeah that’s annoying…

An undefined ‘rustle’ noise nobody knows where is comes from,what it should be and why it is there…

Nobody ask for it and it sounds like someone at ccp has a broken water pump at home,recorded that noise,slighty altered the sound and put it as ‘great innovation’ into the game…

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I have tested this myself and it isn’t nearly as loud as you seem to experience it. Perhaps you should toggle a bit with the settings?

I wish the red dots made bubble wrap popping sounds as I clear them.


I could but I shouldn’t have to because that is backwards, I’ve always had these volume settings because I like them that way.

Don’t get me wrong: if this sound effect would “make sense” so to speak, where it would be a well thought out change adding immersion or otherwise feel in place then I could agree or disagree with it and if I’d disagree I could accept that CCP chose a different route and THEN I’d be happy to adjust and possibly change my volume settings (CCP over the years has done many things I don’t agree with but adjust to, this would be no different).

But this is not a well thought out sound effect: it’s obviously not immersive, it doesn’t make sense, it’s obviously a low effort… effort. It’s just some terrible random noise. I would like it gone.

It’s EWAR noise from NPC’s or your tracking computers.
Yes, annoying as ■■■■.

Its tracking computer. they are suddenly super loud now :roll_eyes:

I don’t have a tracking computer, I DO have omnis for my drones but they don’t make that sound so in my case it comes from the npc TDing me. It seems then it happens with both using TC as when being TD’ed.

This is so bad.

You gonna cry ??

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F12 > report bug

Works much better than complaining in here.

Me: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a dwarf pounding on something with a hammer.
CCP: Removed hammer from dwarf.

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As i said…broken water pump of a heating system…sounds like that if you slightly alter the sound…i bet i’m right :slight_smile:

Coulda woulda shoulda… it is as it is. If you can solve it by tinkering why don’t you?

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