Turret Fire Sounds

Is there any kind of turret sound replacement mods? EVE’s turret sounds are absolutely a special kind of ■■■■■■■ pathetic. Sounds like a little toy. I get that there’s no sound in space but I don’t care. I want my subwoofer to shake my desk if I’ve got high volume and zoomed into my arty battleship.

What I want:

What EVE has:


Sound doesnt travel in space. The sound you hear is the vibrations from the cannon. A howitzer will also sound different on the moon than it does on plante earth.

Physics 101.

Couldn’t you yell “BOOM!” whenever you fire it? Or get a kettle drum to beat on?


I literally said in OP that I don’t care that physics states sound doesn’t travel in space.

I want my big bass booming cannons darnit.

If you dont care about physics, then hit yourself in the head with a hammer every time the autocannons fire. It will ring in your head and simulate the experience of having a howitzer go off right next to you.

Speaking from experience, by the way. Ancient Chinese Torture Tactic #422, “howitzer flying dragon eardrum explosion technique”.

Are people really using the physics excuse in a submarine game like EVE?

The weapons DO sound pathetic and could use some sprucing up.

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EVE has sounds?


:red_circle: Speaking of turret sounds: I want to my old Tachyon Beam Laser sounds back. The current sound sounds like stone hitting a thick head (of a CCP dev). The old sound sounded like searing, scorching death rays, especially when they hit the targets. I want that back.




Technically speaking sound you are hearing is computer emulating how it should sound, because jovians have found out capsule pilots function better when they have audio cues about their environment.

So quite literally, artillery sound in game has nothing to do with how these guns actually sound, it’s just how jovians thought they should sound.

That being said question is how hardbaked that is into the capsule, because if it’s not like hardcoded into the hardware then same line of though implies easiness of swapping the sound for something capsuleer will find more interesting :wink:

I completely agree.
“The Jovian Wet Grave” should be mandatory reading for those playing Eve. There’s a good mp3 of it on Eve Reader. Basically it’s the background of the way a person in a pod integrates to control a ship and can see the view from the external camera drones. It also deals with the somewhat unpleasant consequences of that integration to an unprepared or untrained mind.
Add the existing Empire cloning technology with the immediate mind imprint recording and transmission from the clone as the pod fails or is destroyed and here We are.

I must admit, my first reaction to “…thought they should sound” was:
OUT, two, three,
AIM, two, three,
BANG! two, three,
BANG! two, three,
BANG! two, three,
IN, two, three.
but that’s just me showing my age…

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Agreed. To quote an item description from another game, “It makes the most tremendous bang. Not what you’d call an elegant weapon, but it does make the most tremendous bang.”


Not gonna lie.
A blaster should sound like a shotgun, a railgun should have an after-shock similar to a AMR round going off, and lazers should sound like dubstep.

Agree with OP. With New Eden technology a capsuleer should be able to dial in whatever sound he/she wants when firing a weapon. From a kazoo to 16 inch gun from a battleship. I personally would like an extensive menu of effect sounds keyed to anything a ship does available in the settings tab. How about the William Tell overture every time you engage an acceleration gate?


Some informations and bit snapshot what we will get probably around this summer. They are working on new sounds.

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The stars, on the other hand, now make a nice bang :crazy_face:

That’s good but I didn’t see projectile turrets.
concerned matari noises

Probably this is what they have ready for presentation. This videos where already shown on Vegas.
But since they are reworking/upgrading whole sound software in eve. And since warp sounds, impact sounds etc. also getting rework I’m pretty certain that projectiles won’t be missed.

If someone is interested about sound in EVE go and watch whole stream. There is lot of interesting things there.

Also, this fat boy! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/629718978?t=01h26m49s

Seriously in a submarine simulation like Eve?

LOL that would be fun, then i want my guns to sounds something like this