Client Crashing / Freezing When Entering Insurgency Systems With Sound Enabled

We’ve become aware of an issue where the EVE client will crash or freeze if the sound is enabled and the character is located or jumping into an insurgency affected system. Typically, this issue presents as audio becoming intermittent after entering a corrupted or suppressed system.

This is not impacting all players.

The developers are looking into the issue but in the meantime if you encounter client crashes or freezes after jumping into an insurgency affected system or straight after selecting a character then please access the settings menu via the ESC key and uncheck the Audio Enabled option in the Audio tab.


This cause the client to hard freeze and crash for me. Had to restart and disable audio from the character select screen instead.

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Great that this issue is on your radar.

Just an FYI that after realizing that disabling audio yesterday stopped crashing (suspected the audio fixes in the 01-02-2024 patch) I tried to enable audio again today before coming across this post.

Undocked from Rens 8-8, seemed OK, warped to the Abudban gate (insurgency system), did not jump as I started experiencing audio “stutter” (early symptom pre crash) as soon as i exited warp at gate.

Managed to warp back to 8-8 and docked up again without any crash.

Disabled audio again :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if you need any local logs.

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Hi There, I have an issue which MIGHT be related, but not the same…
The client of my character who is in Insurgency shows a little robot running around on the ship landing pad in stations. There is an engine “chugging” noise. The client exefile.exe crashes every 2-3 mins. When I reduce the graphic settings to reduce Shader quality to “LOW” then it disappears. And the client does not crash. Can I post a screenshot of this?

Notice the little robot…
So, other than fixing my graphics settings on low… Can you guys fix this, please?



We had the same during roam yesterday with half of the fleet members, all the mentioned symptoms. For me even after disabling audio it was reduced FPS and some stutter.

Get that fixed, EvE PvP without sound is not worth playing.

Any ETA on a fix? This didn’t happen until the patch released yesterday. My client is entirely unplayable crashing now. This includes several of my corp mates. Verified different hardware between us so its not that. For me, 300 FPS in station and 25FPS undocked running a single client. Normally triple box max graphics.

It doesn’t appear completely limited to insurgency systems…

Bumping this up to keep it open. Issue does not seem related only to insurgency systems. After a few abyssals every gate jump (including abyssal gates) and undocking started freezing the game.

Disabling audio seems to have solved the issues.

Running on up to date W11 with following specs:
Nvidia GeForce RTX4050

Im having the same issue, still no fix or what? i am at the start of the game and had a crash about 15 seconds after loading in for the first jump. I found this post and disabled audio it works, no audio ain’t worth it though. Please fix this!


Bump until issue resolved.