Stargate sound persists

After passing a stargate the buzzy sound of the stargate persists forever. Even if docked at a station the buzz persists. The more I jump through stargates the louder the buzz will become. It is really annoying and the only one way to get rid of this stargate sound is to leave the game. After coming back the buzzy stargate sound is gone. If I start to use stargates again it will happen again and so on.

Is this a caching problem? Can I do something to avoid it? Any workaround?
Thanks o7


Same thing here!

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Set the Atmosphere control in advanced audio settings to zero. Nothing else helps ATM.


This used to happen sometimes, but now happens everyday. I’ve been able to fix it by disabling the audio in the game settings, the turning audio back on.

Thank you SO MUCH.
I was going mad at the constant Gatenoise.

Sweet silence, i missed you.

Thank you very much for the answers. This sound is very subtile in the beginning. If you quit the game you can hear the difference and be able to realize how intense it really is after a while playing.

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Okay, now I get angry. How can I possibly join the Grand Prix Race following 101 stargates with this terrible sound? Is CCP listening? This is not funny nore is it a minor problem. This sound is so dominant that it is a major problem and CCP should solve this problem now.

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Me and my Corpmates have the same problem. Stargate Sound everywhere. It would be nice to know, if this bug is known or not.

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Oh it is “known”. At least the bug report has the “attached” status. For more than a week. The best persistent noise however must be the one for opening the abyss. If you thought gate sounds were bad … :grimacing:

I submitted a bug report on 31st March 2021 regarding this issue. If you haven’t submitted a bug report yet I recommend you do so, so that CCP are aware that this is affecting multiple players (if not everyone).

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Yup can confirm that this gate ambient sound is persisting after jumping then in warp then docking then in hanger and its driving me crazy and also i have bad OCD so I’m constantly turn audio off/on just to get some peace CCP please fix this…!

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Same stuff here. Sometimes this stargate sound starts following me everywhere!

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Same bug as reported by others. I feel like I’ve always had to do the audio off/on toggle since forever to reset a rumble sound

Reported a Bug. Hopefully they got the time to fix it before they take care about just another Bunch of useless Skins.

Still have this issue. Have it since over a year. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Seems to only affect some characters of me. Some are fine some are not. It happens mostly when flying around in HighSec but rarely comes up when travelling in null… IDK how you can have a bug like this…

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