New Jita Background Announcement Voices

Been AFK for a little bit and I come back to background loudspeaker announcements in Jita station. Please tell me there is some way to disable that?


Did’nt really answer the question. I want to disable the voices without shutting off the rest of the audio.

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That links not working for me I’d like to listen

ok, non troll answers if possible.


I don’t think it’s possible.

Under Settings > Audio, I believe there are ways to adjust volumes on music, world sounds, ambient noises, and other effects. Lowering one of those while you’re docked in Jita should help, though there’s no way to disable just those sounds in Jita.


Mute EVE audio while docked, put on some music from another source.

Yeah, there’s a way to mute everything, but I don’t know what particular setting you need. It also might mute other stuff, but it’s not going to mute anything important. Like, turning off the jita loudspeaker isn’t going to silence your armor alarm or anything like that.
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