Is the EVE In-game advertising no longer used?

I notice that the in-station ‘television’ only ever advertises those glasses for the EVE store now. I used to see corporations advertising, and I thought I used to see news of in-game events at one time. No more?


I think player Alliances and Corps still get shown on it as well as some NES items.

Other than that, I don’t remember ever seeing any event related stuff being shown on it.

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Alliances and corps are not on display any longer. Only this utterly annoying Glasses ad and the terrible Star Captain skin ad (these skins aren’t even in the NES anymore :joy:) loop infinitely these days.



Could have sworn I saw them still being displayed on the screens inside the Docking Bay.

Guess I’ll check that the next time I log in.

It seems that after the Triglavians hacked the advertising screens to spread their message throughout the universe, the advertising screens never really recovered.

I hope we’ll see some variation in advertisements again, the billboards really added to my amazement first time I played this game.


Those of us who are sensitive to flicker wouldn’t be sorry to see them go. I use “outside view” where possible and if docked in a station the first thing I do is adjust the view to get rid of them. - by now it’s a reflex.

Avoiding the advertising is another good reason to play in potato mode.

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We’ve taken all the existing videos down for now as we’re in the process of automating the service so that corporations, alliances and individuals can submit videos and have them approved and displayed faster.


So we’ll get to see new up to date advertisements in the future? That’s great news!

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Ads still show in potato mode

The billboards should have one Grumpy shot on them per pod kill in the last 24 hours for that system!


That’s a nice long process, there. Glad to hear that will be fixed…soon…


sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

That was awesome. I’ve laughed a lot at this picture and it has made my day much, much better. Thank you so much for this awesomeness.


So why not work on it while it’s still running?


Dude, you’re too sensible.

FYI - if you turn down your graphic to “Commodore 64” you actually only see scope on the TV screen

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Oh good. I’m glad the obnoxious advertisements are coming back. I miss them dearly. Please cram your corp adds down my throat any time I dock up.

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Please add a toggle to opt-out from the display of ads. I don’t care to see them and I won’t buy anything they display on principal.


mmmm but when you drive irl, there are adverts everywhere, when you open your internet brower, pop up appears etc… I don’ t see why in the future human society will be different…

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