Station billboard ads placement

The current system of Alliance advertisements is not very good because:

-Imagine yourself sitting inside your own citadel in your sovereign space and then you see the alliance ad of your worst enemy alliance on a station billboard. And your alliance new recruits see those every day.

-Since the introduction of these alliance ads the number of ads playing on billboards grew significantly. This means to much noise around important information you might looking for. And if you simply want to watch a particular ad again you will need to wait for it for forever.

How do you improve this particular part of the game? I propose:
Make alliances (and corps with ads) buy the permission to display their ads inside of a station or citadel. This system might work just like corporation offices. The price inside NPC stations might be based on regular player population (just like offices) and it will make a nice ISK sink. Alternatively you can make alliances buy permission to place their ads on all stations of particular NPC corporation or maybe even the whole NPC empire. The price in citadels is obviously will be player driven and will generate some nice profit for citadel owners.

Such feature will allow some alliances to perform recruiting in particular areas, and to get rid of hostile ads from their own citadels. It also will unclutter billboards as there will generally be lesser number of ads. And last but not the least: new isk sink.

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I support an idea. Because that’s what my bloodbrother asked me one day: ‘WTF? Why is there a rubbish goons ad in my private citadel?’.
So it’s not only about the possibility to skip, replay, search in the list of all ads, but also to disable ads in private station/citadels.
I’m not asking to make it able to earn money by selling ads time in a private citadel, but just to switch in on/off.

Ugh… isk sink or not, those adverts are horrible and need to go away entirely.


The best solution is to remove billboards.


Agreed with OP.
A good idea is to buy add space with the station owner. As you do with offices.

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Still needs more attention and feedback!

What is left to discuss?

I believe it gives you the option to “read” a billboard when out on a gate, but that’s just asking to get ganked for being “afk” in space. the only real option to be able to watch these ads again on demand would have been being able to fully use that screen in CQ. but WIS was shelved, so…

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